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Machine learning mostly used to fight fraud among UK financial firms


Machine learning technology is poised to be huge thing in financial services. In fact, two-thirds of UK-based firms are already using it. That is according to two of the UK's top financial regulators. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Bank of England have taken a deep dive into how the financial services industry in the country is using machine learning. The research is based on a survey sent out to 300 firms, including banks, credit brokers, e-money institutions, financial market infrastructure firms, investment managers, insurers, non-bank lenders and principal trading firms.

Machine learning platform minimized Brexit fallout for investors


The U.K.'s Brexit vote was something few prognosticators saw coming prior to the June 23 referendum. But once the results were in, it was clear the vote to leave the European Union would have a major impact on financial markets. The pound sterling fell in value by 11% two days after the vote, and both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the London Stock Exchange's FTSE 100 index lost more than 2% of their total value. This left millions of traders all over the world scrambling to find safer investment positions. But at least one group of investors was relatively calm, according to Omer Cedar, CEO of Omega Point Research Inc., a New York-based software company that sells analytics tools to help investment managers review their portfolios for risks.

The impact of machine learning and AI on the UK economy


A recent virtual event addressed another such issue: the potential impact machines, imbued with artificial intelligence, may have on the economy and the financial system. The event was organised by the Bank of England, in collaboration with CEPR and the Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis at Imperial College. What follows is a summary of some of the recorded presentations. The full catalogue of videos are available on the Bank of England's website. In his presentation, Stuart Russell (University of California, Berkeley), author of the leading textbook on artificial intelligence (AI), gives a broad historical overview of the field since its emergence in the 1950s, followed by insight into more recent developments.

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