Entering a New Robotics Age with Machine Learning


Machine-learning (ML) technology is radically changing how robots work and dramatically extending their capabilities. The latest crop of ML technologies is still in its infancy, but it looks like we're at the end of the beginning with respect to robots. Much more looms on the horizon. ML is just one aspect of improved robotics. Robotics has demanding computational requirements, and that's being helped by improvements in multicore processing power.

Earnings Preview: What To Expect From ON Semiconductor on Monday

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Light-emitting diodes illuminate the exterior of a building in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015. LEDs are built using semiconductors that allow passage of electrons through the material to produce light, requiring less energy than incandescent bulbs that heat a wire filament until it glows. ON Semiconductor Corp ($ON) is scheduled to release earnings before Monday's open (Feb 13, 2017). On Semiconductor hit a record high of $27.75/share in 2000 during the Dot Com bubble and is currently trading near $14/share. The stock is prone to big moves after reporting earnings and can easily gap up if the numbers are strong.

Semiconductor Engineering .:. The Week In Review: Design


The FTC has given the go-ahead to ON Semiconductor's acquisition of Fairchild Semiconductor. As part of the requirements, ON Semiconductor had to divest its planar insulated gate bipolar transistor business, which will be sold to Littelfuse. The deal has been pending since November 2015 and offers 20 per Fairchild share, approximately 2.4 billion. Sidense demonstrated successful operation of its SHF 1T-OTP one-time programmable memory macros on TSMC's 16FF and 16FFC process nodes. For 16nm implementation, Sidense is adding several enhancements to its architecture including low-voltage reads along with a differential read mode and enhanced security features.

Is there a camera that can produce high-quality still images from videos?

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I would like a compact camera that can take 20MP photo stills from the video. Something about the size of a Fuji X30 would be nice. Can you point me in the correct direction? You can't have what you want at the moment, and there are technical reasons why it's difficult. However, cameras and smartphones that can shoot 4K video can produce passable 8.3 megapixel still images.

Unibap announces IVS-70 for smart factories and advanced robotics Unibap


Unibap AB (publ) announces the Intelligent Vision System 70 (IVS-70) platform for industrial robotics and automation applications on schedule as previously announced. IVS-70 testing and evaluation production (0-series) units are now available after successfully concluding preliminary certification, with planned completed extended certification and manufacturing ramping up during fall 2017 of specific products. IVS 0-series units will be provided to partners and pilot projects for application implementation and development. "I am very proud of our employees for their hard work leading to the release of our IVS-70 which allows us to expand and pursue business in intelligent industrial robotics and autonomous quality assurance. This is right at the heart of our vision of making it easy for small and medium enterprises as well as large to harness the power of AI, vision, and autonomous systems.