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Things to Check before Choosing a Machine Learning Consultancy


Most of the companies fall back on building an AI team since it is hard to find efficient people. It's hard to find a consulting firm when you're a small start-up company as their cost may fall huge on your finances. But here we are to help you sail through those processes, here are a few things to check before choosing a machine learning consultancy firm. The machine learning consultancy should be capable of explaining things clearly and in a simplified manner regarding how machine learning works, and how it can benefit your organization. This should make things about the data and how machine learning can be used for predictions to the company and its core team members.

PwC rated as a Leader in Artificial Intelligence Consultancies by Independent Research Firm


PwC announced that it was cited as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: AI Consultancies, Q1 2021. In the report, Forrester notes that "AI consultancy customers should look for providers that: Commenting on PwC, the report states that: "The PwC backstory has two facets -- client transformations and its own. PwC helps transform client businesses, but its own transformation is part of its story. PwC doubled down on its own upskilling and IP-building platform and then launched this for clients. One-off simulation projects are now scaled offerings for strategic planning, operations, and continuous scaling of business models. Even strategic innovation partnerships are points of excellence; one client specifically selected PwC because of the consultancy's relationship with Carnegie Mellon." Adds New Consultancies to Global Partner Program

#artificialintelligence, the autonomous data flow provider, just expanded its global partner program with several enterprise architecture advisory and data consultancy partners. New consultancy partners include X is Y, The Singularity Mesh, Moviri and Flare Build Systems. Sean Knapp is CEO and founder of "Recently, a number of companies have reached out to about potential partnership opportunities," he said. "In response to this growing interest, we recognized the need to formalize and expand the program to ensure our growing partner ecosystem was as successful as possible."

Cloud Service Spending Still Growing Almost 40% per Year; Half of it Won by Amazon & Microsoft


New data from Synergy Research Group shows that Q2 spend on cloud infrastructure services jumped 39% from the second quarter of 2018. In line with expectations this growth rate is nudging down each quarter, reflecting the increasingly massive scale of the market. However, in terms of actual dollars spent on cloud services, the market grew by over $1.6 billion from the previous quarter, making it the second highest incremental increase ever achieved. Meanwhile Amazon growth kept pace with the market and it maintained its 33% worldwide market share. A group of four cloud providers continue to outpace the market and to grow their market share – Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and Tencent.

Tata Consultancy Services


It's hard to avoid the term "agile" these days. The concept is generating excitement and zealous supporters at big companies worldwide, as it should since it's helped firms like ING Bank, Amazon, online music powerhouse Spotify and TV content producer Netflix to flourish. In fact, Harvard Business Review, that publishing mecca for management thinkers, has devoted no fewer than eight articles to the topic since 2016, including a cover piece this year on how to use agile to create "a truly flexible" large organization. Agile has also been the topic of bestselling books, including The Lean Startup and Scrum. More importantly, some companies are using agile to upend the way managers at all levels make changes to their businesses – changes that have made them faster to respond to customers and competitors, leaner, and more innovative.