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Analysis: Comey Questions an Opening for Arkansas Democrats

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Democrats hope for a similar albatross effect that they faced during Barack Obama's presidency, when Republicans swept statewide and federal office and gained control of the Legislature by linking Democrats to an unpopular commander in chief. But so far that strategy hasn't paid off with Trump. The president easily won the state's six electoral votes last year, despite questions about a recording released in the final weeks of the campaign featuring Trump's boasts about groping and kissing women without their consent.

Trump Prays for Hurricane Victims, Criticizes Democrats

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Returning to the upcoming midterm elections, the president told supporters Wednesday night in Erie, Pennsylvania, that Democrats want to impose socialism and take over and destroy the nation's health care. He also accused Democrats of wanting to abolish America's borders and allow drugs and gangs to pour in.

The Latest: Florida Democrats Debate Trump and Guns

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The five Democratic candidates on Tuesday held their final debate before the Aug. 28 primary. Many of the candidates not only criticized Trump but also GOP Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature. Besides Trump, the candidates debated guns, taxes and the state's recent toxic algal blooms.

Trump Says Dems Are 'Rooting Against' North Korea Talks

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Trump lashed out against Democrats on Twitter Friday, a day after he withdrew from a planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The cancellation drew sharp criticism from a number of top Democrats.

The Angle: Indictments Day Edition


Not done here: The Trump camp will try to celebrate the news that the Russia probe issued indictments for 12 hackers on Friday. But, Fred Kaplan writes, "the indictment throws further doubt on the legitimacy of Trump's presidency." Disaster: Trump's foreign policy moves have been devastating to the United States' reputation abroad. Under different political circumstances, Frank Bowman argues, these actions would constitute an impeachable offense. The way it is: Since the 1990s, Republicans have argued that Democrats are a danger to the republic, and done anything they can to aggregate more power.