In China's eSport schools students learn it pays to play

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A school in China has started a new course to teach its students how to play video games as a future profession.

School Officials Pledge to Protect Students in the U.S. Illegally

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Indeed, just hours after Trump signed the executive orders, the board of the Pittsburgh Public Schools unanimously adopted a resolution declaring itself a "sanctuary" campus. On Thursday, the Clark County School Board, which includes Las Vegas public schools, was set to consider a resolution affirming its ongoing commitment to students regardless of immigration status, which read in part that "the incoming presidential administration could cause a disruption to the safety and security" of students and their families.

Why It's Getting Harder to Count Poor Children in the Nation's Schools

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As just one example, Title I, the largest federal K-12 program, directs $14.5 billion annually to school districts with lots of poor students to ensure they have access to the same types of learning opportunities as wealthier children. For decades, school districts have relied on the number of students enrolled in the school lunch program in order to identify which specific schools are serving the most poor students. Moreover, schools use that count when assessing achievement gaps, namely whether poor students are keeping up academically with wealthier students and, if not, whether they are at least making gains – metrics used in accountability systems in every school district in the country.

Parkland Students Start School Year With Tightened Security

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All classroom doors have new hardware that automatically locks when the doors are pulled shut. Witnesses said teacher Scott Beigel and student Joaquin Oliver were fatally shot after they ushered students inside to safety, in part because the old hardware required relocking from the outside.

Oklahoma Students Learn Cherokee at Immersion School

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School administrators haven't noticed any difficulties once it's time for students to transition from the immersion school to public school, either. Davis said sometimes parents are worried their child's English abilities will be hindered, but the school's data has shown students are either at or above grade level once they reach high school. The first-ever group of Immersion students graduated from high school in May, and many of them received scholarships to go to college.