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The First Step Towards Responsible AI Needs To Be About People Not Strategy


I was recently consulting for an organisation that was looking to implement a framework to govern the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Like many organisations in their sector, they had been running various'lab' experiments for some time, and had seen positive results; but there was still something holding them back from wholesale investment. A major consulting firm had encouraged them to'accelerate' their innovation by using a framework to govern the roll-out. I asked them where they felt it needed more focus, and they responded saying that it felt somewhat vanilla, a re-hashing of any-old IT project management best practice. "Surely there is something different about AI", they asked?

CO2 electroreduction to ethylene via hydroxide-mediated copper catalysis at an abrupt interface


Carbon dioxide (CO2) electroreduction could provide a useful source of ethylene, but low conversion efficiency, low production rates, and low catalyst stability limit current systems. Here we report that a copper electrocatalyst at an abrupt reaction interface in an alkaline electrolyte reduces CO2 to ethylene with 70% faradaic efficiency at a potential of 0.55 volts versus a reversible hydrogen electrode (RHE). Hydroxide ions on or near the copper surface lower the CO2 reduction and carbon monoxide (CO)–CO coupling activation energy barriers; as a result, onset of ethylene evolution at 0.165 volts versus an RHE in 10 molar potassium hydroxide occurs almost simultaneously with CO production. Operational stability was enhanced via the introduction of a polymer-based gas diffusion layer that sandwiches the reaction interface between separate hydrophobic and conductive supports, providing constant ethylene selectivity for an initial 150 operating hours.

A Natural Language User Interface is just a User Interface


Let's say you're writing an application, and you want to give it a conversational interface: your users will type some command, and your application will do something in response, possibly after asking for clarification. There are lots of terms associated with this technology -- conversational commerce, bots, AI agents, etc. I think it's much clearer to call it a Linguistic User Interface (LUI), by analogy with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) you could attach to the same application. Imagining your application with a GUI is a good antidote to potentially woolly thinking about "AI agents". You still need to wire the UI to the underlying application, and the conceptual model of your underlying application is still going to play a dominant role in the overall user experience.

How To Use Dark Mode On Facebook's New Website Design

International Business Times

Facebook recently updated its website design so that it will look better than before. Aside from making the social media website's interface look better, the company also decided to add a new feature that will make using it easier and more comfortable during the evening – Dark Mode. With around 400 million users, India is Facebook's biggest market Photo: AFP / LOIC VENANCE BGR noted that the new redesign makes Facebook's website easier to use. The new interface makes looking for things easier, and loading pages seems faster than ever. While these features, as well as the addition of bigger buttons, makes using the web client easier and more fun, the addition of Dark Mode changes how Facebook is being used.