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Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit 2019 – Accelerating Data & AI Innovation


Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit is an annual event bringing together the Data Science Community in the Nordics to share ideas, and discuss ways to harness the full potential of Data Science and Machine Learning. The agenda is suited to guide you through the process of extracting knowledge from data by using the latest methodologies, tools and algorithms. With domestic and international speakers on stage, workshops, interactive panel discussion and plenty of learning and networking activities in the exhibition area, the Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit is the place to be for all professionals and organisations working with utilization of Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning, to innovate and improve their business. For those who would like to get an opportunity to dive deep into a particular topic, process, or technology, we are setting up some Hands-on three-hour workshops with coffee break in-between. Three of the workshops with be technical and one on strategy and value.

Data Innovation Summit 2017


The Data Innovation Summit brings data professionals under one roof for one day of inspiring and insightful presentations, interactive discussions, workshops, demos and much more. As a follow up to the summit, Hyperight will organize seminars throughout the year to support in-depth learning and additional knowledge sharing. The Data Innovation Summit at glance Innovation Stage: The Innovation Stage will focus on clear examples of Data Innovation and its impact to the business and society. This will give the speakers an opportunity to directly dive into the topic and focus on the key learning points. Prior to the event, the delegates will have the chance to learn more about the presenters and their sessions, here, on this website and through the official event app.

Data Innovation Summit – Innovate through your Data


Data is of vital importance for innovation and economic growth in the Digital and AI Economy. The purpose of data- and AI-driven innovation is to develop new or significantly improve existing human centred products, processes, methods or services. Data Innovation Summit is the leading data and advanced analytics event in the Nordics, constructed so it equally addresses all the elements of data-driven and AI-ready business: data, people, processes, technology and provides a holistic insight to the entire spectre of the data-to- insight-to-action process from data collection to visualisation and automation. With over 120 Nordic and international speakers on six stages, six workshop stages and plenty of learning and networking activities in the exhibition area, the 2020 summit is the place to be for all professionals and organisations working with utilisation of data for increasing profit, reinventing business models, develop data-driven products, and increasing customer satisfaction. The sessions are both business and technical, presenting a clear business output of data science, analytics, ML and AI to enhance customer experience, improve business process, reinvent business models and create new ones.

AI and machine learning conferences: The top 14 for 2018


Artificial intelligence and machine learning have leapt off the pages of science fiction novels and burst into the real world. These technologies have game-changing implications for businesses of all sizes, whether you're planning to implement them yourself or contemplate the consequences of their adoption on the world at large. With these fields moving so fast, it's hard to stay on top of big changes, let alone smaller advances that can affect IT organizations and you personally.

17 Top AI and Machine Learning Conferences for Developers in 2017 - Watson


Whether you're interested in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence or machine learning, you probably know that the fourth industrial revolution is well underway and accelerating rapidly. The speed of change presents a challenge to developers who want to stay abreast of the latest ideas and approaches. Conferences, workshops and other meetings provide opportunities to learn where the jobs and technology is headed and a chance to learn and practice the skills necessary to keep up. Why you should attend: AI engineers, practitioners, researchers and scientists will discuss the latest developments in the field, while tutorials and workshops will give attendees a chance to hone their skills. Why you should attend: Part of DeveloperWeek will be a two-day conference on Artificial Intelligence, consisting of both technical presentations and thought leadership talks.