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Many of us are quite familiar with IQ and EQ. In a world where technology is fast-impacting individuals' lives and organizational operations, DQ is becoming more and more important. Here's everything you need to know about DQ in less than 15 mins: Raising Your Digital Quotient Digital Transformation starts with DQ. It is the sum of social, emotional and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life. The key is not always about big data but smart data.

Digital Transformation Agency chief digital officer Paul Shetler resigns


Paul Shetler has resigned from the position of chief digital officer for the Australian Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) after just over a month in the position. Shetler was the inaugural CEO of the Digital Transformation Office (DTO), from which the DTA spun off in November, before being appointed as the DTA's chief digital officer. Interim chief executive officer Nerida O'Loughlin said Shetler had played an instrumental role in establishing the government's agenda to transform its digital presence and service delivery. Lack of banking API in Australia is'crazy': Cannon-Brookes ACCC moves to deny Australian banks collective bargaining rights against Apple Switkowski: 'I did not breach caretaker conventions' with NBN opinion piece Lack of banking API in Australia is'crazy': Cannon-Brookes Switkowski: 'I did not breach caretaker conventions' with NBN opinion piece "His creativity and vision have been a great inspiration, and have been crucial in helping the government to deliver the first phase of its digital transformation agenda," O'Loughlin said. "This has included the delivery of six transformed'exemplar' services and the establishment of the highly successful Digital Marketplace."

The New Digital Transformation Blueprint


A little while ago, I had the opportunity to present on Digital Transformation in Stockholm on behalf of Telia. Can't wait to go back. While there, I met Joakim Jansson who shared his work in digital transformation with me. I enjoyed our conversation and I think he did too as it led to me writing the foreword for his new book, Leading Digital Transformation. I asked if I could share the foreword with you and he said, "YES!"

It's Not a Digital Transformation Without a Digital Culture


Digital transformation is sweeping the business landscape. Leaders are embracing it wholeheartedly because they recognize its power. But as companies advance from pilot programs to wide-scale adoption, they often run into an unexpected obstacle: culture clash. Being a digital organization means not only having digital products, services, and customer interactions but also powering core operations with technology. Becoming one, therefore, requires a tectonic change in the activities employees perform as well as in their individual behaviors and the ways they interact with others inside and outside the organization.