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'Contra' is still cool enough to get a vinyl soundtrack


Mondo's skill at curating some of the coolest pop-culture art is unparalleled. Whether it's posters, enamel pins, T-shirts or classic soundtracks on vinyl, even if you don't like one piece, it's hard to deny that it's at least interesting. Well, with San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, the purveyor has unveiled what'll be on offer at its booth. Headlining this year (so far; more on that in a bit) is a killer limited-edition poster and vinyl soundtrack for Contra. The former is an 18"x24" screen print by artist Eric Powell limited to 225 copies.

An official 'Steven Universe' soundtrack is finally on the way

Los Angeles Times

From a rap about cat-shaped frozen treats to a pop ditty about being a star, it's no secret that "Steven Universe's" original music is a large part of the show's magic. And now the series is celebrating an all-new musical milestone: the long-awaited official soundtrack. Cartoon Network has announced "Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1," a digital album featuring songs from the show handpicked by series creator Rebecca Sugar, including the theme song "We Are the Crystal Gems." "I am so excited about this album that I hardly have the words," Sugar said in a press release. "We poured our hearts into these songs and now they're finally collected and stunningly re-mastered by our composers Aivi & Surrasshu." "I cannot say enough about how much I love each of these tracks!" continued Sugar.

At 92, Utah Woman Keeps Dancing to the Soundtrack of Life

U.S. News

She has memories of years and years of dancing and teaching all over the state, at the Hotel Utah, at Lagoon and on the famous dance floor out at Saltair. "We just went everywhere," Woodruff says. "We were awfully busy people. We had an exciting life. And when things weren't going quite so well at home, you dress up and you dance your feet off, and you solve a lot of problems."

The Soul's Soundtrack

The New Yorker

When they call him Old Schoolhe clears his throat, squareshis shoulders, & looks straightinto their lit eyes, saying,"I was born by the damn river& I've been running ever since."An Now Old School can't stopgoing from a sad yes to gold,into a season's bloomy creed,& soon he only hears Martha& the Vandellas, their dancing in the streets, through a before& after. Son House, Skip James, JoeTurner, & Sweet Emma,& he goes till what he feelswears out his work bootsalong the sidewalks, his life a fist of coins in a coat pocketto give to the recent homelessup & down these city blocks. He knows "We Shall Overcome"& anthems of the flower childrenwhich came after Sister Rosetta,Big Mama Thornton, & Bo Diddley.Now the years add up to a sharppain in his left side on Broadway,but the Five Blind Boys of Alabamacall down an evening mist to soothe. He believes to harmonize isto reach, to ascend, to queryego & hold a note till there'sonly a quiver of blue feathersat dawn, & a voice goes outto return as a litany of mockorange & sweat, as we are sewninto what we came crying out of,

'No Man's Sky' soundtrack is going on tour around the world


The No Man's Sky soundtrack features two albums' worth of science fiction-inspired melodies with one 10-song assortment of tunes and six "soundscapes" meant to accompany you on your journey throughout the game's procedurally-generated worlds. If that sounds like something you'd want to hear performed live, the world tour could be making a stop in a city near you. So far, only European dates have been finalized, but the band is assuring would-be concertgoers that additional areas are coming. If your date is already on the list, you can start purchasing tickets as of June 29th. No Man's Sky has yet to be released, and in fact was pushed back to August 9th for North American fans on both PlayStation 4 and PC.