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My conversation with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings


As a masters student exploring artificial intelligence at Stanford University almost 30 years ago, Reed Hastings no doubt had an eye on where the future might take him. But of all the scenarios he imagined for his career, it's highly unlikely that any of them included the one that unfolded this past week: strolling the red carpet in the south of France, rubbing shoulders with some of the country's most glamorous actors and actresses, and fielding questions about his role as a global media kingpin. It's a future the CEO of Netflix says he couldn't even have predicted five years ago, when the company was still primarily shipping DVDs to customers in the U.S. while grappling with its emerging video streaming service. Even now, the Internet continues to scramble the game so fast that Hastings said his company is racing to keep up with all the changes. When asked, he didn't even want to hazard a guess as to where Netflix might be five years from now.

Netflix CEO Embraces 'No Rules,' But Work Is Anything But Chill

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In his new book No Rules Rules, Reed Hastings attributes Netflix's success to the unorthodox office culture at the company. Hastings is pictured at Summit LA17 in Los Angeles in 2017. In his new book No Rules Rules, Reed Hastings attributes Netflix's success to the unorthodox office culture at the company. Hastings is pictured at Summit LA17 in Los Angeles in 2017. No approval needed for expenses. And if you criticize the company, you might get rewarded with a promotion.

Netflix completes Hollywood transformation as Ted Sarandos becomes co-CEO

The Japan Times

Los Angeles – Netflix Inc.'s transformation from a Silicon Valley upstart to a Hollywood studio is complete. The streaming giant on Thursday named Ted Sarandos, the longtime head of its Hollywood operations, to be co-chief executive officer, alongside co-founder and current CEO Reed Hastings. Sarandos has worked at Netflix for two decades, rising from the head of a small content team to become the second-most-powerful executive at the company. He'll also join the board of directors. The promotion of Sarandos, 55, is in many ways a formality.

Netflix Shares Skid as Subscriber Growth Misses Its Mark WSJD - Technology

Netflix blamed its subscriber miss on faulty internal forecasting and not on business reasons, like recent price increases. The company has had such guidance problems in past quarters, missing forecasts three times in the past 10 quarters, each causing gyrations to its share price. On a video interview to discuss earnings, Chief Executive Reed Hastings said "we've seen this movie" before, regarding missed targets. He said Netflix executives never quite figured out why they similarly missed a quarterly forecast two years ago. There's "lumpiness in the business," he said, and the miss doesn't affect his optimism for the business.

Netflix has taken over the first Hollywood movie studio

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HOLLYWOOD --To really understand how streaming giant Netflix has changed the nature of entertainment, look no further than its new home base here, the Sunset Bronson studios. This was the site of one of the first movie studios, opened in 1919 by Jack, Harry, Sam and Albert Warner to be the home of Warner Bros. Cut to 99 years later. Now the studio has been taken over by Netflix to shoot its ever-growing library of TV shows, likeThe Ranch starring Ashton Kutcher, and the comedy series Alexa and Katie. The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company invited reporters to visit Tuesday to offer a window into how it produces shows in 4K ultra high definition resolution, dubs them for other countries and to showcase how big of a player it has become in Tinseltown. Netflix now has eight of the 10 sound stages at Sunset Bronson filled.