'Scoop' might be Samsung's itty-bitty Amazon Echo competitor


If documents and photos submitted to the US Federal Communications Commission are to be believed, Samsung is prepping a new voice-activated Bluetooth speaker that looks an awful lot like a potential competitor for the Amazon Echo and the upcoming Google Home. First noticed by Ausdroid, the speaker is currently called "Scoop." It's about the same size as the Amazon Echo Dot, and judging from a brief user manual included in the filing, it seems to serve the same basic purpose: streaming music from your phone over Bluetooth, or from an external audio source via built-in audio jack. A user manual submitted to the Federal Communications Commission offers a look at the Scoop's hardware. What's less clear is whether the Scoop does anything else.

Samsung could be preparing Amazon Echo competitor, FCC filing shows ZDNet


It appears Samsung is working on a competitor to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, with its own take on a voice assistant speaker, according to a filing with the US Federal Communications Commission spotted by Ausdroid. However, the FCC leak has images of a small, white speaker allegedly called the "Samsung Scoop". Documentation points to an internal microphone and Bluetooth within the speaker -- likely to take voice commands like the Amazon Alexa and connect to smartphones. Functionality isn't discussed in the filing, so it's not clear what type of commands or information the Scoop is able to serve up. Exact dimensions of the Scoop aren't known.

Samsung's Rumored Next Bet Faces An Amazon-Sized Challenge

TIME - Tech

Samsung's technological reach is formidable, shipping more phones than any other manufacturer. The company boasts nearly 23% of the global smartphone market, and its Gear VR headset, available since late 2015, is already among the most popular virtual reality devices going. But when it comes to voice-activated speakers, a medium that some believe is on the cusp of becoming the next major computing platform, there's reason to question whether Samsung has the wherewithal to keep up. The South Korean technology giant may be developing a new Amazon Echo-like smart speaker powered by its Bixby virtual assistant, reports the Wall Street Journal. But it's arrival would likely come long after category pioneers like Amazon, Google and Apple have either released or announced plans to launch voice-activated gadgets of their own.

Roku unveils wireless speakers that automatically turn the volume down on loud commercials

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Roku is launching its own pair of wireless speakers for the living room. They're aimed at casual TV and movie watchers who want better audio, without the headache of having to install a complicated home audio system. However, you'll have to own a Roku TV in order for the wireless speakers to work. Roku is launching its own pair of wireless speakers for the living room. However, you'll have to own a Roku TV in order for the wireless speakers to work Roku on Monday launched its first pair wireless speakers.

Amazon Echo: Which Alexa smart speaker is right for you?


So you've decided to bring Alexa into your life. Now comes the hard part: Which Amazon Echo is right for you? We'll go over all the models, including the brand-new second-generation Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Spot that Amazon just announced. Amazon pioneered the concept of a smart speaker, an audio device with a voice-activated digital assistant that can do everything from play music (from Amazon Music or Spotify, Pandora, and certain other services if you're a subscriber), to recite the day's news, deliver weather and traffic updates, and--perhaps most importantly--control virtually every element of your smart home. More recently, Amazon made it possible to make outgoing calls from an Echo to any phone number in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.