Why Is HR Not Part Of The Data Driven Organization?

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The performance review is a peculiar aspect of working life in that it is equal parts loathed yet endured at the same time. Whilst few of those on either side of the process seem happy with them, most organizations do continue to use them. Indeed, recent data from the Institute for Corporate Productivity suggests that just 10% of companies have discontinued their annual performance appraisals in the last year. What is clear however, is that a lot of companies are looking to reshape their performance processes, with 66% revealing that they plan to re-engineer their performance reviews as a matter of course. So what does this mean in practice?

Using SparkML to Power a DSaaS (Data Science as a Service)


In this talk we will show how many common use cases use the common algorithms like Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Decision Trees, Clustering, NLP etc. Spark has several Machine Learning algorithms built in and has excellent scalability. We will show how we solved some of the problems of establishing feature vectors, choosing algorithms and then deploying models into production. We will showcase our use of Scala, R and Python to implement models using language of choice yet deploying quickly into production on 500 node Spark clusters.

ANA by Factory Fifteen Science-fiction short film


Returning to Short of the Week for a third time, creative studio Factory Fifteen serve-up this enticing science-fiction short that centres around a worker in a futuristic car manufacturing plant as he starts to experience problems with the artificial intelligence that runs the production line. A 4-minute introduction to a world the talented team are currently developing into a larger project, ANA dazzles with its impressive aesthetic but really hooks its audience in with its intriguing narrative take on the singularity. Aiming to put a new twist on a popular science-fiction storyline and make their concept more relatable by showing how such a situation could affect the "ordinary" man, ANA explores one vignette from a world where technology is rising-up against those that created it. Produced as a way to entice an audience into the universe they are currently evolving into a longer piece, Factory Fifteen's Paul Nicholls spoke to Short of the Week about the aims of the project: "We had multiple ambitions with the film. A short-term ambition was to create a really high-end piece of drama, mixing performance and VFX.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Programming a computer, to optimize performance standards, by using past experience Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence Calculation of algorithms allow computers to develop behavior's based on real data 3. Quick facts about Machine Learning Machine learning algorithms Supervised algorithms Apply past information registered, to new data Unsupervised algorithms Draw conclusions from datasets 4. Components of Machine Learning Representation Evaluation Optimization 5. Case studies on Machine Learning If a member frequently "likes" a friend's posts, the news feed will automatically start showing more of that friend's activity, earlier in the feed. Machine learning algorithms have helped reveal previously unrecognized influences between artists. Netflix predicts the ratings an individual will give a movie, which they haven't even watched yet, based on previous movie ratings made by them. The history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) began years ago.There were stories, myths, and rumours of artificial beings graced with intelligence and consciousness by master craftsmen. In 1958, John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky started the MIT Artificial Intelligence lab with $50,000.