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Nvidia driver unlocks FreeSync monitor support for GeForce graphics cards


On Tuesday, Nvidia fulfilled its CES promises by releasing GeForce driver 417.71, which lets GeForce graphics cards tap into the Adaptive Sync capabilities of AMD FreeSync monitors for buttery-smooth, tearing-free gaming. Previously, GeForce GPUs could only synchronize their refresh rates with Nvidia's own G-Sync displays, which tend to cost much more than FreeSync displays. The driver will automatically enable variable refresh rates on FreeSync displays that meet Nvidia's strict "G-Sync Compatible" requirements. Yours probably doesn't though; of the 400 Adaptive Sync monitors that Nvidia says it's tested, only 12--yes, 12--earned the certification. If your FreeSync display didn't make the cut, you can still manually enable Adaptive Sync support using the Nvidia Control Panel.

Nvidia GeForce Experience's FreeStyle feature adds Instagram-like filters to your games


Sure, those wild 65-inch 4K G-Sync HDR displays might have stolen the gaming headlines during Nvidia's CES 2018 keynote, but hardware wasn't the company's only focus. A new GeForce Experience feature dubbed Nvidia FreeStyle can completely change the look and feel of your games by letting you apply Instagram-like post-processing filters right as you play.

Nvidia drops GeForce driver support for 32-bit operating systems, Fermi graphics cards


In a pair of support articles updated last Friday, Nvidia said that effective in April 2018--i.e., immediately--its Game Ready drivers will no longer actively support 32-bit operating systems or older graphics cards based on the Fermi GPU architecture. PCs affected by the changes won't receive any new performance enhancements, features, or bug fixes, but critical security updates will keep coming until January 2019, as first noticed by AnandTech. Nvidia's optional GeForce Experience software is also dropping 32-bit operating system support. It won't be getting continued security updates, but "existing features and services such as optimal game settings will continue to work on Windows 32-bit operating systems," Nvidia says. This shouldn't come as a surprise.

Nvidia GeForce Experience adds OpenGL, Vulkan support to make you a Minecraft superstar


Nvidia is expanding its GeForce Experience software to let you broadcast your gaming exploits in games like Doom, No Man's Sky, and Minecraft. The company recently announced that GFE's image and video capture features--formerly known as ShadowPlay, currently called Share--now support the OpenGL and Vulkan graphics APIs. The new features are part of GeForce Experience, which is available now from Nvidia. If you already have GFE, opening the program should prompt it to download the update if it hasn't already. The new broadcast features will support Vulkan and OpenGL game recordings up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Nvidia reveals RTX laptop GPUs, FreeSync support for GeForce graphics cards


Nvidia didn't pull any punches during its big CES 2019 keynote on Sunday night. And then hell froze over. In an unexpected move, Nvidia also announced that its GeForce GPUs will support some AMD FreeSync monitors. The company said no fewer than 40 laptops are already lined up to feature laptop versions of the GeForce RTX 2080, the GeForce RTX 2070, and the GeForce RTX 2060. Energy-efficient Max-Q versions of each GPU were also announced.