Get this tiny drone on sale for less than $60


Over the past few years, drones have become the "it" gadget -- and for good reason. "Kids" (and kids at heart) love to steer a high-tech hovercraft, while photographers can capture selfies and breath-taking aerial shots. The only problem is that most drones are overpriced and unnecessarily large. If you're trying to keep the fact that you still play with toys under wraps, carrying around a giant $500 drone is probably not the best look. That's where SKEYE's Mini Drone comes in for the save.

VIDEO: Drone racer: 'It's like flying a jet'

BBC News

A winner of the first ever World Drone Prix says controlling the drones is "like flying a jet fast". He flies drones around the outdoor course using goggles which so him a feed from a camera on board the drone.

The best drones you can get for under $200


There isn't just one feature to focus on when it comes to the DROCON U818 -- it's got a little bit of everything. No matter which of this drone's functions you put under the spotlight, you'll find something worthwhile. The footage quality and operational range both deliver high-quality results. It has a good FPV view, streams video in real-time, and it's super easy to learn with. The DROCON U818 takes a little bit from some of the best budget drones, and combines them into one machine.

Drone Ballet


The first note of the performance comes as a surprise. In their places in the night sky, lights off, the drones are practically invisible--until they light up and begin their dance. While each drone does its own little performance, changing color and turning on its many lights in different patterns, it's also moving with the ensemble. As the drones blink and soar in time to the music, the result resembles some very elegant fireworks.

The best way to get a gift you'll really like is to buy it yourself. Case in point: This drone.


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