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AB Consultants is a company that outsources its employees as Consultants to top various IT firms. Their business had been increasing quite well over past, however in recent times there has been a slowdown in terms of growth because their best and most experienced employees have started leaving the Company. Inorder to prevent this proactively you first need to dive in to the Company's Employee Data and find out an answer as to know why the best and most experienced employees are leaving. As a Data Analyst of the Company you are required do an analysis and find out patterns as to why the best employees are leaving so early. Using Python, you derive at a forecast model to predict which employees could be leaving the company, as well as a probability as to why our best and most experienced employees are leaving prematurely.

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Edureka's Masters Program is a thoughtful compilation of Instructor -Led and Self Paced Courses, allowing the learners to be guided by industry experts, as well as learn skills at their own pace. In the Data Science Masters Program, Data Science Certification Course using R, Python Certification Training for Data Science, Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training, AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow, Tableau Training & Certification are Instructor - led Online Courses.

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Learning Objectives - In this module, you will get an understanding of Databases, Design Goals, Requirement of NoSQL/MongoDB, Architecture of mongoDB etc. This Module will also cover installation of mongoDB and associated tools. Topics - Understanding Base Concepts of Database, Database Categories, What is NoSQL? Benefit over RDBMS, Types of NoSQL Database, and NoSQL vs. SQL Comparison, ACID & Base Property, CAP Theorem, and Implementing NoSQL, What is MongoDB?

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Check out our Python Training Playlist: This Python tutorial video helps you to learn following topics: 0:58 - Introduction to Python 2:27. Who uses Python 3:46 . File Handling in Python Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above.