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New Zealand military buys five Lockheed Hercules planes for $1bn

Al Jazeera

New Zealand's military said on Friday that it would buy five Super Hercules transport planes from United States manufacturer Lockheed Martin for $1bn. The planes will replace the military's existing fleet of Hercules planes, all of which are more than 50 years old and have been involved in a series of embarrassing breakdowns in recent years. Defence Minister Ron Mark said the new planes would be used for operations in New Zealand, the South Pacific and Antarctica. "Generations of New Zealanders have grown up and grown old with the Hercules, and they know these aircraft are an essential first line of response," Mark said in a statement. He said the new planes would be able to carry a bigger payload as well as travel farther and faster than the current fleet.

For $28 million, a onetime Japanese government plane could be yours

The Japan Times

One of the two Japanese government planes that were decommissioned in March has been put up for sale on an online market for used aircraft at $28 million (¥2.98 billion). Images on the Controller website show the Boeing 747-400 and the aircraft's bedroom and conference room, as well as a message from the seller, CSDS Aircraft Sales & Leasing of the United States, claiming that the plane "has been maintained to the highest possible standard" and looks "factory new." The aircraft leasing company also said that the plane is good for VIPs and one of the Boeing 747-400s with the lowest number of flying hours in the world. The aircraft, along with its backup, went into use in 1993 as Japan's first official government plane. It flew across the globe, carrying dignitaries such as former Emperor Akihito, who now holds the title of emperor emeritus, and Japanese leaders.

The Latest: Crashed WW II Plane Was Part of Museum Event

U.S. News

Fredericksburg is home to the National Museum of the Pacific War. The museum said on Twitter that one of those in the plane who was killed was a veteran.

Boy finds WWII plane

FOX News

Young boys tend not to forget fantastical stories told by their grandpas, especially if those stories involve downed World War II fighter planes. Klaus Kristiansen of Denmark apparently couldn't get the tale his own grandfather had told him out of his head--that an aircraft had crashed behind their Birkelse farm in 1944--and so when his son had a history homework assignment, he jokingly told the boy to "go out and find the plane that is supposed to have crashed," reports DR P4 Nordjylland, via the Local. But what 14-year-old Daniel Rom Kristiansen turned up in a nearby field was no joke: the remnants of a German Messerschmitt plane, as well as the remains of its pilot, the BBC reports. Dad and son had headed out with a metal detector, and when the device started beeping, they borrowed an excavator and began digging deep into the earth. Starting at around 13 feet down, they started turning up pieces of the wreckage of the Bf 109 model.

FAA: Small plane with 4 people on board has crashed in NY

FOX News

The Federal Aviation Administration says a small plane with four people on board has crashed in upstate New York. FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen says the aircraft crashed at about 6:45 p.m. Saturday in a heavily wooded area. She says the plane was destroyed by fire. Desmond says one person from the plane was taken to a hospital with serious injuries. He says the coroner's office is at the scene but no one has been pronounced dead.