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Japan Says U.N. Experts' Call to Protect Nuclear Clean-Up Workers Is 'Regrettable'

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A Reuters investigation in 2013 had found widespread labor abuses, including workers who said their pay was skimmed and spoke of scant scrutiny of working conditions. Tepco, or Tokyo Electric Power Co Holdings, said at the time it was taking steps to limit worker abuse.

Media reports de-romanticize the cleanup work on the Fukushima nuclear power plant

The Japan Times

Most of the reliable reporting about the clean-up of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant since it suffered three meltdowns in March 2011 has been from on-site workers. Even when articles appear in major media outlets about the situation at the crippled reactor, it's usually presented through the anonymous or pseudonymous firsthand experiences of the men on the front lines.

Washington County Nuclear Site Reactor Core Raised

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The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that cleanup of the rural Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide Reactor site in Washington County began in 2016 but had stalled earlier this year after funding dried up. In April, additional federal money allowed the cleanup to continue.

Cleanup at Idaho Nuclear Landfill on Hold After Pit Collapse

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The site is a nuclear landfill that stored material from Idaho in the 1950s, and also accepted shipments nuclear waste from the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant near Denver throughout much of the 1950s and the 1960s. Commercial nuclear waste was also sent to the facility for years, but Idaho officials eventually sued the federal government in an effort to stop the shipments and force the cleanup. The facility currently stores more than 300 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel.

Arkansas Nuke Reactor Cleanup to Halt Amid Lack of Funding

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University of Arkansas-Fayetteville official Mike Johnson tells the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that crews are expected to maintain a "periodic" presence at the shuttered Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide Reactor after April 1. He says there's also a plan allowing for a restart with 45 days' notice to begin removal of the site's radioactive reactor core.