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NFL tech competition winners reduce concussions and heal with light


The Super Bowl is almost here, and that means the NFL has picked the winners of its partly tech-focused 1st and Future competition. The main $50,000 prize for its Innovations to Advance Health and Safety competition is TopSpin's namesake TopSpin360, a helmet-based training device that helps reduce concussions (a serious problem for the NFL as of late) by increasing neck strength. All you have to do is spin your head -- the rotating weight on top generates centripetal force you counteract with your neck muscles. It's also Bluetooth-connected to help guide your training sessions. The $20,000 runner-up, Solius, aims to speed healing by subjecting athletes to narrow spectrums of light that foster the growth of hormones and peptides.

Litmus Health is a Contestant in the AMIA Pitch Competition


Litmus Health is pleased to announce that it is a contestant in the American Medical Informatics Association's 2017 Pitch Competition. You can help us get to the finals here.

Why (almost) everyone needs to stretch when they exercise

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Most of us aren't training for professional competitions, though, but are exercising to be healthy, lose weight, and improve our moods. For that, we need to focus on our body's remodeling response to exercise, which is not the same as recovery from exercise. Plainly said, when we exercise consistently, our bodies adapt to that stressor by changing our muscle structure, metabolism, and physiology. It is that change, that remodeling, that leads to all the positive benefits of exercise. To stick with our banquet example, if we realized that 500 people are going to show up at every event, but we only have 10 tables set at present, we would change our capacity to be ready for the next event.

Competition Lacking as Candidate's Firm Oversaw Health Pool

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In a familiar line of attack in New Mexico's gubernatorial race, Republicans including candidate Steve Pearce say that Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham profited on the side while in Congress by overseeing a statewide insurance program for extremely sick patients.

Mayo Clinic Putting a Spin on the Typical Pitch Competition

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This new way of conducting a pitch competition seems like it will benefit both the entrepreneur and the Mayo Clinic. If you're an entrepreneur you will have the opportunity to work with a product or technology that is already functional with the name brand and assets of the Mayo Clinic behind you. You will have a home inside the Mayo Clinic. Plus you get to build relationships and have new access to many high-level investors and venture capitalists through the pitch competition. If you're the Mayo Clinic you get to utilize and meet some of the brightest innovators and entrepreneurs in the health care space to take your technology from the shelf to market and scale it over a 12-month period.