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Dover Caregiver Recognized by Elizabeth Dole Foundation

U.S. News

Every year, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation recognizes military and veteran caregivers around the United States as part of its Hidden Heroes campaign, which recognizes the struggles of America's military caregivers. The 30 members of the 2020 class will join 228 fellows who have been named since the foundation was established by former U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole in 2012.

A best friend, nurse, and caregiver all in one—meet 'Mabu'


Catalia Health has created a robot that acts as a healthcare companion.'Mabu' It reminds you when to take you medicine, and follows up with your progress. It also tracks faces so that it can make eye contact for a more human-like interaction.

Hurdles cleared but disillusionment, homesickness prompt Filipino health workers to exit Japan

The Japan Times

MANILA – A number Filipino nurses and caregivers who seized the opportunity to train in Japan to work there have ended up returning to the Philippines, including some who passed the tough licensing exam. "The journey to becoming a nurse in Japan was indeed a mission impossible. . . . We were very tired physically, mentally and emotionally while studying to pass the board exam and working at the same time. All of us were pushed to study even on our rest day," a Filipino nurse who quit only a year after his deployment in 2011 said recently. The 33-year-old nurse, who requested anonymity so he could freely express his views, is among more than 1,200 Filipino nurses and caregivers who were accepted by Japan starting in 2009 under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement.

Delay in expanding traineeship program leaves Vietnamese caregivers in limbo

The Japan Times

HANOI – Vietnam is now the biggest provider of labor to Japan under a government-sponsored training program for foreign workers. However, delays in expanding the system to include nursing care have made some young Vietnamese rethink their plans. Do Thi Hang is among them. At 23 and with nursing experience already on her resume, she hoped to work in Japan as a caregiver under the Technical Intern Training Program, which accepts workers from developing countries for on-the-job training. Hang is now working at a restaurant while studying Japanese on her own, having quit language classes at a Hanoi language school in April.

Who Are Jane Hawking And Elaine Mason? Facts About Stephen Hawking's Ex-Wives

International Business Times

Legendary British astrophysicist and author Stephen Hawking died in the early hours of Wednesday, at the age of 76. While his contribution in the world of theoretical physics and his perseverance in the face of a devastating disease is known throughout the world, facts about his marital life are not that widely known. He was divorced twice – from ex-wives Jane Wilde and Elaine Mason respectively. Here are a few lesser known facts about Hawking's ex-wives: British scientist Stephen Hawking (L) and his former wife Jane (R) attend the UK premiere of the film'The Theory of Everything' in London on Dec. 9, 2014. Hawking, married his university sweetheart, Jane Wilde, in 1965.