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How to Determine the Right Agile Development Methodology

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XP teams work in iterations that are one to two weeks long. However, the team has the freedom to determine the sequence in which they are developed. XP incorporates common technical practices such as test-driven development, automated testing, pair programming, and more. Scrum teams have more freedom to define the engineering practices they wish to follow, but they often use many of the same practices defined as part of XP.

How to build a UX and development team that really delivers (Part 2/2) - TechProductManagement


In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the people-related challenges of integrating UX into an Agile team. Once you create a cohesive team, it's now time to polish the process.

Top 21 Scrum Master skills Essential ScrumMaster Skills - Scrum Certification Training and Agile Coaching


Systems Thinking: Ability to see the interplay of various components and resultant overall system. Helps avoid local optimization and enables the Scrum Master to take a holistic view of the complete organization as a system. Adaptability: This skill is at the core of being an effective Scrum Master. If the Scrum Master can herself adapt swiftly to the changing organizational system, and team's needs, she will be able to inspire the same behavior within the team. People Skills: Interpersonal skills are essential skills for a Scrum Master to be able to deal with the different personalities and demands of the team members, the PO, and the stakeholders.

Towards effective AI-powered agile project management Artificial Intelligence

The rise of Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly transform the practice of project management. Project management has a large socio-technical element with many uncertainties arising from variability in human aspects e.g., customers' needs, developers' performance and team dynamics. AI can assist project managers and team members by automating repetitive, high-volume tasks to enable project analytics for estimation and risk prediction, providing actionable recommendations, and even making decisions. AI is potentially a game changer for project management in helping to accelerate productivity and increase project success rates. In this paper, we propose a framework where AI technologies can be leveraged to offer support for managing agile projects, which have become increasingly popular in the industry.

Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers 2019 [UPDATED]


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