How to Determine the Right Agile Development Methodology

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XP teams work in iterations that are one to two weeks long. However, the team has the freedom to determine the sequence in which they are developed. XP incorporates common technical practices such as test-driven development, automated testing, pair programming, and more. Scrum teams have more freedom to define the engineering practices they wish to follow, but they often use many of the same practices defined as part of XP.

How to build a UX and development team that really delivers (Part 2/2) - TechProductManagement


In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the people-related challenges of integrating UX into an Agile team. Once you create a cohesive team, it's now time to polish the process.

Towards effective AI-powered agile project management Artificial Intelligence

The rise of Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly transform the practice of project management. Project management has a large socio-technical element with many uncertainties arising from variability in human aspects e.g., customers' needs, developers' performance and team dynamics. AI can assist project managers and team members by automating repetitive, high-volume tasks to enable project analytics for estimation and risk prediction, providing actionable recommendations, and even making decisions. AI is potentially a game changer for project management in helping to accelerate productivity and increase project success rates. In this paper, we propose a framework where AI technologies can be leveraged to offer support for managing agile projects, which have become increasingly popular in the industry.

How to Run Productive Scrum Meetings - Msys Training


Scrum meetings are short and focus on the backlog of project management jobs or directly related worries. Whether you are a Scrum Master, a product owner, or part of a development team, following these key do's and don'ts can help create an optimal environment for scrum meeting success. Scrum comes from software development, where it is a portion of agile methodology. It's designed for small teams who are working in what's called "sprints," short periods of no longer than 30 days and usually only two weeks. They track their progress by having short meetings.

How to Effectively Run a Chatbot Development Project?


In our last story, we went over the 7 key factors to consider before choosing a Chatbot Development Platform. Between selecting a particular use-case, choosing a platform, developing and finally deploying a functional bot -- there's a lot more than what meets the eye. This article aims to uncover more around the key factors that determine the chatbot success along with the entire development process. The end goal with the chatbot is to achieve high-quality customer experience and service staff assistance. The noticeable element of chatbots is obviously the technology.