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So You Think You Can Be A Data Scientist? – Tanmoy Ray


So, you think you can be a data scientist. But, are you sure you have it what it takes to excel in the data science field? It's a very complicated field, and getting competitive day by day. In this post, we will go through what the industry demands of a modern data scientist in the real world, how to become a data scientist, top platforms and resources to learn the data science skills, and career advice & job search tips from data science experts. The data scientist job is definitely one of the most lucrative and hyped job roles out there. More and more businesses are becoming data-driven, the world is increasingly becoming more connected and looks like every business will need a data science practice. So, the demand for data scientists is huge. Even better, everyone acknowledges the shortfall of talent in the industry. But, becoming a data scientist is extremely complicated and competitive. The career path of a data scientist is not going to be easy.

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What book would you suggest? There's no fixed path in learning as all roads lead to Rome. Reading materials is definitely a great start to understand the fundamentals which I did the same way as well! Just be aware of not trying to read and memorize nitty-gritty of the maths and algorithms. Because chances are, you'll forget everything without really applying the concepts to real problems when it comes to coding. Just know and understand enough to get yourself started and move on to the next step.

Top 12 Data Science Experts and Best Data Science Career Articles on LinkedIn


So, you want to go for the "Sexiest Job of the 21st Century"? You should get started with LinkedIn. It's not only a great place to network and find your next career opportunity. LinkedIn is also a great site for learning and staying updated with the latest tools and industry trends. In order to build a great Data Science LinkedIn feed follow these top Data Science Experts on LinkedIn.

What is the who, where, and when of an education in Data Science?


Earlier this year Alphabet's Eric Schmidt stoked the flame further in declaring, "a basic understanding of data analytics is incredibly important for this next generation of young people.

How to become a Data Scientist: a step-by-step guide - KDnuggets


From the media to articles to job postings to the words of top leaders of big companies, the term that seems to be everywhere is "data science". So, if you are familiar with technology and/or interested in learning new things about technology, then you have likely pondered this: What is data science? How does one become a data scientist? Well, the answers will be given right here. Data science is a field that deals with the extraction of meaningful insights which include usage, trends, customer behaviour, etc. from raw data by using complex tools and algorithms, machine learning processes, mathematics, statistics, and other similar areas.