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Everything you need to know about corporate venture capital in Europe


Corporate venture capital (CVC) is an investment by a corporate (fund) into external startups in order to make a financial return or to gain a competitive advantage. CVC is a polarizing subject and opinions are divided. Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures believes that it's evil and corporates should not invest in startups but simply buy them. While Marc Andreessen from Andreessen Horowitz on the other hand is co-investing with corporations such as General Electric. Whatever the opinions are, fact is that CVC is on the rise, also in the old continent.

Australian government sinks AU$19 million into AI health research projects


The Australian government has announced it will invest AU$19 million over three years into artificial intelligence-based health research projects designed to prevent, diagnose, and treat a range of health conditions. There are five projects in total that will receive funding as part of this announcement. The Centre for Eye Research Australia and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) will each receive nearly AU$5 million for their research projects. The Centre for Eye Research Australia has developed an AI system to detect eye and cardiovascular diseases, while UNSW is focused on using AI to understand and improve the treatment of mental health, including stress, anxiety, and depression. Another AU$7 million is being put towards two projects developed by the University of Sydney (USyd).

Europe ai scaleups report 2016


Machine Learning is the new buzz word and AI is the slang word these days. What does happen in this exiting field in Europe? Is AI common ground for all businesses or the exclusive territory for a few? Who has managed to validate a business model for autonomous vehicles or chatbots?Whatdoesdata-drivenor API-firstbusinessmodelslook like? With this report we want to provide a comprehensive review of investment in startups and high-growth AI and Data Analytics companies across 22 countries in Europe.

Sydney's Tech Central expands with quantum terminal and scaleup hub


Sydney's Tech Central has welcomed Q-Ctrl, Sydney Quantum Academy, and Quantum Brilliance as the first tenants of its newest precinct known as the quantum terminal. According to the state government, the quantum terminal will be the city's "first centralised live collaboration space for researchers, developers, engineers and entrepreneurs -- all working to advance quantum technology, high performance computing, and artificial intelligence". "Quantum terminal along with the rest of Tech Central will form one of the most vibrant innovation corridors in Australia," Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney and Minister for Trade and Industry Stuart Ayres said. Alongside the opening of the quantum terminal, the NSW government announced on Monday it will invest up AU$21 million to prioritise affordable accommodation for scaleups. "From December, businesses can apply for rebates on rental and fit-out costs of up to AU$600,000 a year through the Tech Central Scaleup Accommodation Rebate," Ayres said.

Why is everyone investing in the Welsh tech ecosystem - UKTN (UK Tech News)


High growth startups and scaleups are attracting record levels of investment in Wales. Investment into Welsh businesses has been steadily increasing in recent years. Welsh startups and scaleups secured £129m in 2020, which was a record for the country. Beyond high growth companies, a record number of businesses were incorporated in Wales that year – 19,453. This has been revealed in the landmark new report released by Beauhurst, the research platform and sponsored by the Development Bank of Wales, the fifth most active investor in the UK. The resilience of Welsh businesses during the pandemic was strengthened by the COVID-19 Wales Business Loan Scheme, which saw the Development Bank of Wales delivering £92m in additional loans to Welsh companies.