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With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses are now able to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of intelligent in-the-moment decisions every day. We believe that until recently it has been too hard to use ML for in-the-moment decisions that drive intelligent actions. Complex architectures lead to latency where decisions are made on stale or old data.

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The trade show industry came to a grinding halt at the start of the pandemic. The lack of trade shows left the technology ecosystem disconnected and unable to conduct business as usual. It also left those looking for solution providers and market trends lost as their main source of information – the trade shows – had vanished. The Industry Insights Webinars series was developed to fill this void. Every month we focus on a major global trend with a wide impact on business.

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Automation Anywhere is one of the most popular vendors which offers user-friendly and powerful RPA capabilities. Edureka is partnering with Automation Anywhere for this webinar on Decoding futuristic career roles in RPA with Automation Anywhere. The guest speaker for this session would be Arjun Meda who is an RPA evangelist and part of the Bot Store developer relations team. The average salary for an Automation Anywhere Engineer is around $113k per annum – The Robotic Process Automation market is estimated to reach USD 2,467.0 million by 2022, at a CAGR of 30.14% between 2017 and 2022 –

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Join IIA Co-founder Tom Davenport as he shares some of the insights from his new book, The AI Advantage. In this webinar he will discuss key insights and some of the top strategies to make the most out of AI implementation.

Resilience at Work webinar series


Organizations that can navigate and succeed in times of change have one thing in common: resilience. But what exactly is resilience and how can you strengthen it across your people, teams, and organization? In this three-part webinar series, you'll hear stories and perspectives from Microsoft executives, Boston Consulting Group, and other thought leaders. Learn how they define resilience and how it enables organizations to advance, even in the face of significant challenges and uncertainty.