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Google (GOOG, GOOGL) Cloud Beat Google Enterprise As The New Name For Google's Cloud Computing Offerings

International Business Times

Google (GOOGL) announced Thursday it is rebranding its cloud services as Google Cloud in a bid to better compete with competitors and unveiled G Suite, the new name for Google Apps for Work. The decision combines Google for Work, Google's Cloud Platform, which Google said has more than 1 billion users, and the company's other cloud-based services to bring smart data, analytics, machine learning and digital communications to companies of all sizes in the next five years. Google's Diane Greene, senior vice president of enterprise business, told an invitation-only gathering at its Horizon cloud computing conference in San Francisco the company considered the name Google Enterprise to convince customers it is serious about cloud computing -- using a network of remote services hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, replacing a local server or personal computer -- TechCrunch reported. It ultimately decided Google Enterprise is too unwieldy and not descriptive enough, she said. "Enterprise -- that was so June," Greene said.

What Is Google's API? Program Can Identify Objects In Video

International Business Times

Google's intelligence API, or application programming interface, will soon be able to identify objects in Google Cloud videos and will make those objects searchable. The announcement was made at the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, Wednesday. The API is currently in private beta, so it's not available to general users yet. However, there is a sign up for qualified users. It will allow for a deeper breadth of information about the contents of videos by identifying the contents with nouns and verbs.

Google Apps for Work has a new name: G Suite


As predicted, Google Apps for Work has a new name. A few of those items might jump out at you as being Google Apps for Work. It all falls under Google Cloud (the backend powering everything), as TechCrunch writes, and will encompass Chromebooks too. Nope, definitely not unnecessarily complicated at all. Proving that the search juggernaut is all about its enterprise customers.

Google for Work will be renamed to Google Cloud: Report


Google is ditching the "Google for Work" branding for its enterprise products, according to sources at The Information. Technology vendors are using a gloomy backdrop to pitch omnichannel, analytics and the Internet of things as magic bullets vs. Amazon. Google is said to replace the name with "Google Cloud," which will stretch across its business-focused productivity apps, cloud services, maps, Chromebooks and Android devices, search, and business services. While the company is remaining quiet on specifics, Google cloud chief Diane Greene already announced the changes in an internal email, The Information reports. An official announcement could come at Google's cloud-focused event on September 29 in San Francisco, CA.

Google for Work will supposedly be renamed to Google Cloud


If you're used to seeing Google for Work branding on your employer's web apps like Docs and Inbox, changes are coming. For now, it sounds superficial, according to a report from The Information. The publication's sources say that the search juggernaut is changing the name to Google Cloud, and that the change will also cover Chromebooks and Android devices in addition to web services. "The name change is Google's way of saying, 'We have the best cloud platform, period,'" according to an anonymous source. The publication goes on to say that this should all be made official at a Google Cloud event later this month on the 29th.