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Docker: Here's how we made the switch to remote-first working


Docker, the firm behind its eponymous container technology, has explained how it moved from an office-centric approach to a'remote-first' approach over the past few years, including closing 1,600 private Slack channels and urging employees to use public Slack channels to improve remote-working collaboration between engineers. Mowing down Slack channels was part of Docker's effort to foster open collaboration in a largely remote-working environment before the pandemic struck, according to Jean-Laurent de Morlhon, Docker's VP of software engineering. Free and cheap personal and small business cloud storage services are everywhere. But, which one is best for you? Let's look at the top cloud storage options.

An Easy Step To Tokenization For Entrepreneurs

Forbes - Tech

As I grow my newest company, an eight-state region of extreme wellness centers, our team is continually addressing the challenge of bringing new or not yet understood modalities for wellness to a clientele that requires education before they can understand the need and value of the services we offer. NASGO is working to make blockchain technology available to every small- to mid-sized business in minutes. This week I spoke with a fellow entrepreneur who carries this same burden, as the provider of a decentralized platform for bitcoin exchange on the blockchain. The CEO and cofounder of NASGO, Eric Tippetts, has a deep background in fundraising for digital assets and the use of token-based cryptocurrencies. But for the majority of entrepreneurs, these technologies are still a mystery that is interesting, but seems out of reach.

The Knights Templar Are Urgently Hiring

The New Yorker

We understand that Americans are tired of long, stressful commutes and working out of musty, centuries-old castles. That's why we highly encourage all employees to work from home--as long as you remember to bring the Grail with you. We even offer reimbursement for expenses incurred while converting a corner of your living room into a sacred, hidden vault. We have a comprehensive, miracle-based health-insurance package that will give you peace of mind as you spend all of eternity protecting the blessèd cup from unholy seekers, e.g. We believe that all employees should have the opportunity to pursue further education and enlightenment.

Tesla expands employee testing of its upgraded Autopilot hardware


Tesla is looking for more people to test its new Autopilot hardware as part of its full self-driving system trials. According to Electrek, company chief Elon Musk has sent another email to employees in an effort to find a few hundred more internal participants for the system's beta testing period. It's part of the company's preparations for the launch of Hardware 3, which is a neural network computer the automaker designed to give its cars full self-driving capabilities. Musk first issued a call for testers back in September, asking for between 100 and 200 volunteers to step forward and join the internal testing program. It's not entirely clear if he's only offering to equip newly purchased Teslas with a full-fledged autonomous system at no cost, since Electrek says the company will retrofit participants' cars with the new hardware.