Don't even try to repair Apple's HomePod


You may not like the thought of paying Apple a pretty penny to fix the HomePod, but you might have to -- it definitely isn't meant for DIY repairs. An iFixit teardown has revealed a clever design that makes good use of a tiny space, but is also nigh-on inaccessible. It appears that you can pull the fabric mesh off with a drawstring, but almost everything else requires tearing things apart. Many parts are glued on (including the top and bottom), and there's one seam so thoroughly sealed that iFixit needed a hacksaw and ultrasonic cutter to get in. If there's a non-destructive way to get in, it's not obvious.

Low-Cost Apple HomePod Rumored To Be Sold Under The Beats Brand

International Business Times

Apple's HomePod smart speaker is lagging behind the competition in terms of sales, so the tech giant is rumored to be working on a low-cost model. A sketchy report over the weekend claims that Apple's low-cost HomePod might actually be released under the Beats brand. Apple is said to be working on the low-cost HomePod with chip supplier MediaTek, according to the Chinese website Sina. The report also claims that the cheaper HomePod model will be sold under the Beats brand, but it didn't give out other information related to specs, pricing or a potential release date. Rumors of a low-cost HomePod started back in March when a Chinese website claimed that the new device could sell for somewhere between $150 and $200.

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Apple delays HomePod release until 2018


Looks like Apple lovers are going to have to wait a little longer for smart, room-filling sound.