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The application of the law to machine learning and artificial intelligence - The Law Society


Jonathan Smithers, Law Society president, talks to Catherine Reed following a thought leadership event on the issue of the application of the law to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Read the transcript (PDF) Can't see the podcast? These issues and more will be explored further on 21 June at the Law Society's first ever conference on this theme "Lawyers and Robots: partnership of the future" as part of London Technology Week. For further information and to book you place visit the booking page or email

Inside Intel's Big Machine Learning Announcements - DATAVERSITY


Farber goes on, "Reflecting Intel's very strong commitment to open source, the CPU optimized MKL-DNN library for machine learning has been open sourced. Rounding out a cornucopia of machine learning technology announcements, the company has created a single portal for all their machine learning efforts at Through this portal, Intel hopes to train 100,000 developers in the benefits of their machine learning technology. They are backing this up by giving early access to their machine learning technology to top research academics. Interest in machine learning is accelerating as commercial and scientific organizations are realizing the tremendous impact it can have across a wide range of markets ranging from Internet search, to social media, to real-time robotics, self-driving vehicles, drones and more."

OpenAI Learning & Technology News


In this book, the first four chapters are provided as a guide for teachers who want to use the book for teacher training and development. Using the tools, tips and activities provided in these first chapters a teacher with some basic experience of using technology in the classroom should be able to create motivating hands-on edtech training for their peers or for pre-service trainee teachers.

Advances in Learning Technologies

IEEE Computer

New and innovative technologies enable a variety of instructional environments that help students overcome many traditional boundaries and constraints to learning. As the classroom becomes more of an abstraction than a physical space, educators and learners embrace a variety of pioneering tech-powered teaching and learning paradigms that will serve students well upon graduation.