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Passenger at Philadelphia airport tries sneaking gun through security in his shoe

FOX News

One Philadelphia man's travel plans got off on the wrong foot this week. The Transportation Security Administration reported that a man at Philadelphia International Airport tried to sneak through security on Wednesday with a handgun "artfully concealed" in his shoe. TSA officers at the airport detected the .25 caliber handgun at a security checkpoint and alerted city police, who confiscated the gun. This .25 caliber handgun was "artfully concealed" in this shoe, according to the TSA. Gerardo Spero, the TSA's federal security director for the airport, said this "was not a case of forgetfulness."

Philadelphia airport workers vote to strike during DNC

U.S. News

The union that's trying to organize baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants and other workers says the 461-5 vote took place Tuesday night out of 500 on shift participating. About 1,000 employees work for subcontractors hired by airlines.

Water pressure restored to Philadelphia airport bathrooms after reports of 'feces' everywhere

FOX News

A worker with airport services checks the water pressure at Philadelphia International Airport following the water main breakage on Monday afternoon. A broken water main in the parking lot of the Philadelphia International Airport left the airport's terminals without water pressure on Monday evening -- and left passengers with no way to flush toilets and only a "small dribble" of water dripping from faucets. The airport (PHL) confirmed later that night that pressure to the terminals' bathrooms had been restored, but not before passengers began tweeted about the less-than-sanitary conditions. "There's literally blood, urine and feces in all of the toilets in each of the terminals," one passenger alleged following news of the ordeal. "Where else can we go to use the restroom?"

Alaska Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Philadelphia airport after crew shuts off engine

FOX News

The flight, not pictured, diverted over concerns raised by an oil pressure warning, the FAA said. An Alaska Airlines flight scheduled to fly from Los Angeles to New York was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia over concerns raised by an oil pressure warning, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed. "Alaska Airlines 1420 landed safely at Philadelphia International Airport at 8:53 a.m. "The flight originated at Los Angeles International Airport and was headed to John F. Kennedy International Airport when it diverted." A representative for the Philadelphia International Airport confirmed to Fox News that the plane landed safely on Tuesday morning.