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Call for Application to the Hamoye Data Science Internship Program 2021


Hamoye AI Labs (a division of Hamoye Technologies, a Delaware corporation) is seeking to recruit 5 to 20 candidates for entry-level positions in data science, data engineering, and MLOps. Finalists will be invited to join Hamoye AI Labs. The internship program is designed as a competitive multi-stage process. Hamoye Data Science Internship is geared towards enabling the career advancement of young college graduates and professionals to the height of fulfillment. Hamoye has carefully planned out a 4-month, 6- sprint, competitive multi-stage internship program.

Data Science Internship At Lets Grow More


A virtual Internship experience at Lets Grow More was a very valuable experience for me. By performing some of the tasks that it asked us to do helped me in developing my skills and problem solving, helped me learn how to approach the problem through different methods and also taught me to implement new features. The versatility of domain in tasks helped to gain knowledge in different fields and aspects of the same mega domain. In my first task, I performed Exploratory Data Analysis on a dataset of Terrorism on Jupyter Notebook and while doing so I learnt the different methods of cleaning the dataset, removing the unnecessary columns and null values, and also analyzing the dataset using Python libraries such as "pandas" and "numpy". Later I used the cleansed data to visualize the data using plotting functions from libraries such as "seaborn" and "matplotlib".

Public 'backs ban on long unpaid internships'

BBC News

There is strong public support to ban unpaid work experience that lasts more than four weeks, new research suggests.

Government steps up action on unpaid internships

BBC News

The government has ramped up efforts to "stamp out illegal unpaid internships".

The Weinstein Company still owes Malia Obama money after her internship


Getting fair wages for an internship can be difficult. Whether you're interning "for school credit" or "for experience," many work places just don't pay their interns. If you interned for the Weinstein Company, and were promised money, well, good luck. SEE ALSO: The Weinstein Company voids Harvey's nondisclosure deals in bankruptcy filing The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy on Monday night, and files obtained by Deadline include an extensive 394-page list of people, organizations, and firms that still haven't been paid. Malia Obama's name shows up among the A-list celebrities and production companies included in the document.