BREAKING NEWS: O'Hare airport workers to go on strike after Thanksgiving

FOX News

Holiday travelers returning home after Thanksgiving may be in for a headache after it was announced that hundreds of workers plan to strike next week at one of the nation's busiest airports. Service Employees International Union Local 1 officials said Monday they will walk off the job on Tuesday, Nov. 29, at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. About 500 workers committed to a strike after a vote last week. The workers are trying to organize with the union's help. They work mainly for private contractors at the airport and include baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and wheelchair attendants.

McDonald's and Chicago airport workers plan to strike in push for $15 wage

Los Angeles Times

A strike planned for Nov. 29 at Chicago O'Hare International Airport will miss the Thanksgiving holiday's busiest travel days and coincide with a nationwide day of protests that the Fight for $15 movement claims will be its most disruptive yet. The Fight for $15 asserted Monday that after the election of Donald Trump to the White House it "won't back down" from its activism in the face of an incoming administration it believes "threatens an extremist agenda to move the country to the right." The campaign announced protests at 20 airports and strikes and acts of mass civil disobedience at McDonald's restaurants in 340 cities, including in Chicago and its suburbs. It said it expects "tens of thousands" of people to participate. Airport and fast-food workers are expected to be joined on picket lines by child care workers, home care workers and graduate assistants, who are among the estimated 64 million U.S. workers who earn less than $15 an hour.

O'Hare Airport workers to announce strike date

FOX News

CHICAGO – O'Hare International Airport workers who voted to strike soon will announce when they plan to take action. Service Employees International Union Local 1 officials say they will announce the date of their strike at 10 a.m. About 500 workers committed to a strike after a vote Thursday. The workers involved have been trying to organize with the union's help. They work mainly for private contractors at the airport.

Nice Airport Worker and Passenger End up in Altercation

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The airport in the southern French city of Nice says an altercation took place over the weekend between a passenger holding a baby and an employee of a subcontracting company working at the airport.

Airport worker dances on the tarmac like no one's watching to make air travel less painful


It's completely necessary to have fun while you're working. An airport worker directing the plane on the tarmac of the Greater Rochester International Airport has found a great way to take the monotony out of his day by practicing some stellar dance moves while he works. "So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashville. This guy rocks!" Terry McBride posted along with a video to Facebook, which has since racked up over 5.9 million views. The worker, later identified as Kyran Ashford, tells ABC News that he's been working at the airport for five years, and hopes his dance moves gives at least one passenger "30 seconds of positive vibes."