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Siri, how much will this lawsuit cost Apple?

Washington Post - Technology News

Apple has just agreed to settle a long-running patent lawsuit for almost 25 million. The lawsuit, filed by a company called Dynamic Advances, claimed that Apple had infringed on a patent involving "user interfaces that recognize natural language." The patent describes a method for "providing, through a user interface, a result of [a] search" using natural language queries of a number of connected databases. The patent had been originally granted as far back as 2007 to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York. Rensselaer, an engineering-focused university, then licensed the patent to Dynamic Advances.

Nokia Files Lawsuits Against Apple Accusing Them of Infringing Patents

International Business Times

Nokia filed a number of complaints against Apple in the U.S. and Germany accusing the company of infringing on Nokia patents, it announced Wednesday. Nokia's lawsuit derives from a disagreement with the Cupertino company over licensing for Nokia technology. Meanwhile, Apple filed an antitrust lawsuit against Acacia Research Corp. and Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc. on Tuesday accusing them of conspiring with Nokia. "Acacia, Conversant, and many other patent assertion entities have conspired with Nokia to use unfair and anticompetitive patent assertions to improperly tax the innovations of cell phone makers," the complaint stated. Apple said in the lawsuit that Acacia and Conversant were its "chief conspirators."

Nokia and Apple trade accusations in patent lawsuits


An international patent dispute has broken out between Apple and Nokia over the Finnish mobile network vendor's licensing terms for the widely used H.264 video codec and other technologies. Nokia on Wednesday filed lawsuits against Apple in Germany and in the U.S., alleging that the smartphone giant has infringed 32 of its patents. Nokia's five lawsuits follow an Apple lawsuit filed in California Tuesday. The U.S. company accused Nokia of working with patent assertion firms Acacia Research and Conversant Intellectual Property Management to "extract and extort exorbitant revenues unfairly and anticompetitively" from Apple and other smartphone makers. Nokia was not named as one of eight defendants in the Apple lawsuit.

Apple Sued Over Apple Watch Exercise Monitoring Technology Infringement Claims

International Business Times

Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit claiming that its Apple Watch smartwatches infringe a licensed exercise monitoring patent. The plaintiff, however, was identified to be the serial patent troll who has sued the Cupertino giant for a couple of times now.

iPhone X Banned? Qualcomm Files Lawsuit Asking For iPhone Ban

International Business Times

A new set of legal filings from telecommunications equipment maker Qualcomm in its ongoing court battle with Apple will seek to ban the sale of iPhone X offered by multiple carriers in the United States.