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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant

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Guile 3D Studio is a Brazilian company founded in 2001 by Guile Lindroth, a system analyst, artificial intelligence specialist and 3D graphic artist. For the past six years, Guile and his team have developed their own technology, for an Artificial Intelligence and a Real Time Graphic Engines, as well as a unique photo-realistic Virtual Human interface. The result is an amazing AI assistant called Denise. Once installed on your computer Denise is able to execute tasks on your behalf by typing or even speaking your request. She can manage your diary for appointments and meetings, check and send emails, search the web, draw up itineraries, call someone through Skype, give you the weather forecast and the day's news, upload images on Picasa and videos on YouTube, and much more.

Samsung's Bixby assistant is finally available worldwide


Samsung has faced a tough slog getting Bixby to the masses, but now its voice assistant is accessible in more than 200 countries including the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa. It's been available in South Korea and the US since July, when it launched after months of delays. Part of Bixby's appeal is its positioning beyond that of a simple voice assistant. Samsung claims it learns over time, recognizing "natural language" to make interacting with your phone easier and more intuitive. It understands cross-application commands and thanks to deep integration it can be accessed without any interruptions to what you're already doing on-screen.

What Is An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Personal Assistant? - Conversational AI assistant for personal use


Once upon a time to find a restaurant a person had to flip through a thick, bulky (and sometimes dusty) book. Yes, those were the yellow pages, which incidentally could also be used as a good doorstop. So what is an AI assistant? In the most simplistic terms, its artificial intelligence (AI) that understands natural language (a human voice), jumps into action when given voice commands, and does what it is told to do. Let's examine how digital assistants are being used at home and at work.

What do pilots think of having more AI in the cockpit?


It has been over a year since international travel as we knew it ground to a halt. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, air travel in the US dropped by 95% – from around two million travellers per day to fewer than 100,000. Until recently, flights in and out of Australia have been limited to those trying to get home, reuniting with their loved ones, or fleeing places that were no longer safe. Slowly, vaccination is making the possibility of taking to the skies again seem within reach. But what might have changed?

Healthx Launches Conversational IVR Assistant for Providers


Healthx, Inc., the industry leader in healthcare engagement technologies, is excited to announce the Hx Provider IVR Assistant. With the flexibility of a portal and a contact center's responsiveness, this new solution analyzes voice input and delivers quick, consistent, and complete answers conversationally. The Hx Provider IVR Assistant enables payers to elevate the engagement experience with a more cost-effective, efficient, and scalable solution than the traditional contact center. "The administrative burden of providers' work leads to increased contact center volumes and with national averages showing that 60% of calls are related to routine tasks, delays in addressing these calls can lead to potential delays in care," said Mark Rapoport, CEO of Healthx. "We are using our deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and engagement cycle to simplify and streamline requests that were previously managed by the contact center. Providers reclaim their time, and payers experience reduced call volumes and significant ROI."