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Training a robot to prepare and cook food is one of the most stimulating tasks, since it must deal with the complexities in robot manipulation, computer vision, sensing and human-robot interaction, and assembling a consistent finished product. Moreover, every person has a different taste palette - cooking is a qualitative task whereas robots are generally more proficient at quantitative tasks. Special tools are needed to be developed for robots in order for food to be prepared as taste is not universal. Many other research groups have trained robots to make pancakes, spaghetti and even pizza but these robot chefs have not been optimised for the many subjective variables involved in cooking.

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Since backtracking is unnecessary, actions can be selected incrementally using a greedy method without having to precompute a plan. Such an approach is efficient and rapidly adjusts to unforeseen circumstances. Our argument is that cooking tasks are widely encountered in everyday life because of the special properties of a given culture's artifacts. In other words, culture has structured the world so as to make it easier to live in. We present an implementation of these ideas, experimental results, and control experiments using a standard nonlinear planner.

We tried the egg cooker with a cult-following on Amazon—is it worth it?

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You have to wonder if the first caveman who accidentally broke an egg by his fire and had a cooked egg with a side of extra crispy Wooly Mammoth bacon for breakfast knew that thousands of years later, we'd still be eating the same thing (minus the mammoth). Eggs are by far one of the best things to have for breakfast. But it's hard to find the time to make them at home before work, and in the office, there's (usually) no stove to cook them on. Not to mention, making a perfectly poached egg, an omelette, or hard-boiled eggs is no easy task. You can overcook them, undercook them or mess them up in so many ways.

22m X Prize to make Avatars a reality

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Humanoid robots could soon allow us to stream our consciousness anywhere in the world, acting as surrogate bodies that enable people to'instantly be in multiple places at once.' This is the goal of the Avatar XPrize, an ANA-sponsored concept for a 22 million contest just selected at the XPrize Visioneers 2016 Summit as'ready to launch.' The technology would make James Cameron's Avatar a reality, developing'limitless travel' avatars that can be rented and controlled remotely by a human operator, who will be able to hear, see, and feel what the robot is experiencing. Humanoid robots could soon allow us to stream our consciousness anywhere in the world, acting as surrogate bodies that enable people to'instantly be in multiple places at once.' The Avatar XPrize aims to facilitate the creation of'avatars that you – the public will be able to use to travel anywhere, anytime, instantly.'

Cooki: a Desktop Robotic Chef That Does Everything

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CES has only officially been open for like 5 minutes, and already we've found something too awesome not to share immediately: a cooking robot from a startup called Sereneti that can handle everything for you, from cooking to stirring to adding ingredients at the right time. This robot is called Cooki, and here's a rendering of how it all works: This is from January of last year, but as you can see in the pics below, they have the (much smaller) real thing here at CES, and it's actually making a spinach omelette. You preload the ingredients, turn the thing on, and it'll cook everything for you perfectly using little motorized bins to dump in the ingredients one at a time and an adorable robot arm to do the stirring. Pretty much the only thing it can't do is bring you the finished meal in bed. The initial prototype was built using a traditional robot arm, but Sereneti quickly realized that it would be both dangerous (so close to a saucepan) and practically impossible to clean.