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Encrypt your data with random quantum weirdness

New Scientist

No random number generator you've ever used is truly, provably random – but this one is. Researchers have used an experiment developed to test quantum mechanics to generate demonstrably random numbers, which could come in handy for encryption. "With standard random number generators, there's no real way to put a certificate of randomness on it," says Peter Bierhorst at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. "With this one, it's guaranteed to be random by the …

Light's quantum weirdness survives after going to space and back

New Scientist

THE mysterious wave-particle duality of the quantum world has been tested using satellites -- setting a new distance record of more than 3000 kilometres for a detection of this bizarre behaviour. We know that photons are quanta of energy, or particles, but in some experiments the particles can act like waves.

Quantum weirdness could allow a person-sized wormhole to last forever

New Scientist

We have never been quite sure whether these portals through space-time could exist long enough for anything to travel through. Now calculations suggest they could stick around for a while – perhaps as long as the universe itself. Wormholes are essentially two black holes connected together. Two types could theoretically exist. A non-traversable wormhole is like a room with two doors that can only be used from the outside – the doors are black holes through which things could enter, but never escape.

Thriller 'They Remain' revels in its subdued weirdness

Los Angeles Times

Like Alex Garland's recent science-fiction/horror film "Annihilation," writer-director Philip Gelatt's "They Remain" adapts the work of a writer who blends brainy realism and surreal fantasy, in a way sometimes dubbed "the new weird." Gelatt takes on Laird Barron's short story "-30-," and as with Garland's big-screen version of Jeff VanderMeer's "Southern Reach" novels, "They Remain" explores a spookily transformed wilderness.

Explore Seattle With Map of Sites Known for 'High Weirdness'

U.S. News

According to the map, there have been sightings of a strange man in Bremerton with one hand cuffed standing by a car, a fairy-house village in Fauntleroy Park, a squirrel that sat "on a huge pile of horse chestnuts going to town on a chocolate donut," a fountain near Madison and Summit with "some of the heaviest spiritual miasma" outside of South Lake Union and a crow that defecated on a girlfriend who turned out to be a bad actor.