Autonomous cars create 'huge' opportunity for Israeli tech, report says


The car manufacturing industry is undergoing a huge transformation after having been free of significant disruptions for about 100 years, since the first mass-manufactured car was marketed by Ford Corp. in 1903. The first change is the replacement of the internal combustion engine, the workhorse that has powered cars since the early twentieth century, with an electric engine. A continuous increase in the production and purchase of electric vehicles is to be expected over coming years, a 2017 report by Israel's Innovation Authority published on Monday said. Get The Start-Up Israel's Daily Start-Up by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up The second change is the autonomous vehicle revolution, which will push the world to transfer the driving of cars from humans to machines and bring a "dawn of a new transportation age," the report said. Most car manufacturers have set the early 2020s as the target for entering the market with cars that will drive autonomously 90-95 percent of the time.

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence


"People who understand superintelligent AI call it the last invention we'll ever make--the last challenge we'll ever face." This level of detail is rarely attained in an article that can be understood by anyone. Honour it be reading the whole thing, Part 2 included. Imagine taking a time machine back to 1750--a time when the world was in a permanent power outage, long-distance communication meant either yelling loudly or firing a cannon in the air, and all transportation ran on hay. When you get there, you retrieve a dude, bring him to 2015, and then walk him around and watch him react to everything.

Let's not drive blindly into the autonomous car revolution

New Scientist

AUTONOMOUS cars are just around the corner. Cities across the world are rolling out pilots of driverless vehicles, and soon motorists in Germany will be able to relax on the autobahn as their cars drive them from Munich to Berlin (see "London is set for driverless car roll-out – so what comes next?"). In other words, we are on the brink of a transport revolution as potentially radical as the one that began in 1908 with the Model T Ford. By 1931 the automobile's transformative power was so clear that Aldous Huxley imagined the people of his Brave New World worshipping Henry Ford as the creator of their dystopian society. Huxley was on to something.

The Autonomous Corporation presented by BootstrapLabs


We stand in front of the 4th and largest wave of the industrial revolution, powered by AI and Data. This is the biggest opportunity so far for innovation and entrepreneurship, and every single industry will be disrupted and redefined by companies that are not even born yet. With the AI market projected to grow over 20 fold in the next 10 years to 3Tn annually, we believe Applied Artificial Intelligence represents one of the major wealth creation opportunities of this century. Any system that is not learning will soon die, and applying AI to new or existing systems will extend and accelerate societal improvement. AI-driven systems will soon be able to build better, more efficient products that scale and solve problems in ways that have not been possible before.

Will Salespeople Be Replaced by Robots?


As the CEO of one of the companies at the forefront of sales technology, I often get asked this time of year to predict what the future holds for the sales industry. Usually the person asking me is seemingly looking for some new angle or revolutionary technology utilization that will transform the industry. Sadly revolutions, even in technology, tend not to happen from one year to the next. Although I have seen a lot of bold predictions made about 2017, I don't think it takes a genius to figure out that artificial intelligence (AI) is not likely to transform CRM over the next 12 months, and certainly salespeople won't be replaced by robots. Nevertheless, if you dare to open the aperture to the next decade, the question becomes a lot more intriguing.