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[In Depth] California approves publicly funded gun research center


For 2 decades, firearms advocates in Congress have blocked taxpayer-funded research into the causes and consequences of gun violence, which kills more people in the United States than in any other developed nation. Last week, California's state legislature bucked that trend, voting to establish the nation's first publicly funded center for studying gun violence. The new California Firearm Violence Research Center will be run by the University of California system.

The Data Science Research Center


Data Science Central launched this week the Data Science Research Center, a public online resource for practitioners to read, download or publish high quality papers. If your article is accepted, you are entitled to a signed, free copy of Dr Granville's book, may have your profile featured on DSC on the featured members page, and be featured in the members of the week section in our weekly digest. The Research Center is the place to post research papers, preprints and non commercial white papers discussing data science / big data new techniques, principles and methodology. Currently, the 11 articles listed are internal to our Research Lab. Also, all articles published in the Research Center are part of our RSS Feed System and may be distributed on partner websites, thus increasing your reach.

Google is opening new AI-focused research center in Europe


On Thursday, tech giant Google announced that it is opening a new research center in Europe, dedicated to machine learning. The new research center -- which will enable Google to realize its ambitious artificial intelligence (AI) plans by focusing on the development of AI products and research -- will be based in Google Research offices in Zurich, Switzerland. According to the details shared by Emmanuel Mogenet – chief of Google Research for Europe – in a recent blog post, the key focus of the new research group in Europe will be on three AI areas --- machine intelligence, machine perception, and natural language processing and understanding. Mogenet further specified that the main objective of the research group in Europe will be to find new ways in which machine learning infrastructure can be improved, and how the technology can be put it into practical use. In addition, the new AI-focused research group will also work for the advancement of Natural Language Understanding – that is, the capability of machines to understand and process human language – in close collaboration with linguists.

Samsung plans new research center to keep pace in the AI wars


Samsung, jumping on a trend adopted by pretty much every tech outfit, is creating its own consumer-focused artificial intelligence research center. In a fairly vague statement released today, the company announced its plans to more thoroughly pursue AI endeavors with a dedicated project within its mobile and consumer electronics businesses, although it didn't say where the center will be located.

4 Baboons at Texas Research Center Have Brief Freedom

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Officials at the Southwest National Primate Research Center, which is part of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, say three of the baboons were captured within about 30 minutes Saturday after they managed to get out of their enclosure and beyond a perimeter fence. A fourth animal later also was accounted for.