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Save an extra 50% on each of these 15 coding course bundles


If you spent time over the past year learning to code, you might be looking to take your skill set to the next level. Whether you want to dial in on a specific programming language or round out your capabilities, this collection of on-sale development and coding training should have what you need. As a sweet little bonus, you can save an extra 50% for a limited time using the coupon code LEARNIT. Are you hoping to make a career switch to computer science? You'll pay just $29.50 when you use the code LEARNIT.

Become a data whiz with these online SQL training courses, on sale for an extra 60% off


When it comes to STEM jobs, it's so many acronyms, so little time. But if you want to land an awesome data job with a competitive salary, there's just one you need to know: SQL. It's ridiculously powerful, as it can handle massive databases with ease, and thus it's become an important tool for businesses that deal with data. This demand for SQL-trained data experts has grown the profession's average salary to $85,377, according to a recent If this line of work intrigues you, you're in luck, because you don't even have to go back to school to get the lowdown on all things SQL.

10 of the most popular tech jobs in 2019 (and how to land one)


If the current job market had a mascot, it would have to be Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, a guy whose primary passion in life (after his wife Lafawnduh) is his beloved technology. Much like Kip, the job landscape has placed tech up on a pedestal as of late. It's a marked reaction to the modern ubiquity of smartphones and other devices, as well as recent phenomena like the rise of automation, developments in artificial intelligence, and ongoing cybersecurity threats. But what you might not know is just which jobs exactly you should be setting your sights on -- and what you can do to get there. The short answer to that second question: take an online course.

Looking to join the gig economy? Here are 5 jobs you can teach yourself how to do.


"Just keep hustling" is probably the motto of everyone in the gig economy, which, according to recent data, accounts for 36 percent of the American workforce. There are 57 million people in the U.S. today working some type of gig. This includes full-time job workers operating a side hustle, full-time freelancers juggling multiple jobs, and gig workers who only take on projects that appeal to them. With the gig economy expected to continue blowing up in the next couple of years, it's likely going to become the new normal. If you want to get in on the trend, check out five freelance gigs you can take up tomorrow, and the online classes you can take that will help you brush up on the skills that they require.