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This device allows you to swap out wall art images in seconds. This pneumatic manipulator arm requires no electricity to lift and place the heaviest of objects.

The Biggest IT Automation Misconception


All automation is not alike, and if you are taking an Elemental Approach to your automation, you will miss out on the time and cost saving benefits that an Architectural, Layered Approach can provide. An approach to automation that allows you to manage your Workload Automation, IT Process Automation, Managed File Transfer Automation, Big Data Automation, and more, can enable you to streamline processes, coordinate and consolidate silos of automation, and scale and adapt to changing organizational requirements.

How to do automation right


A colleague of mine once quipped that automating a'crap' process just results in'automated crap,' and while the language might be a bit uncouth, the sentiment is absolutely correct. It can be tempting when tasked with automating a process to immediately start considering the systems and software to deploy; however, it's worth determining whether the process is currently valid, effective, and necessary before diving into automating it. Furthermore, some processes simply should not be automated. Sometimes pure technology is not the right answer for process automation, as the whole offshore process outsourcing business can attest to. While there are myriad risks and considerations to process outsourcing, considering non-technology options for process'automation' should be part of your evaluation and due diligence process.