Instead, the Toios are equipped with bluetooth receivers that enable them to talk to each other as well as receive commands from a remote console. The system also comes with a number of patterned paper designs that you cut out and attach to the Toios which both add to the visual effect and help control the robots, as you can see in the video below. The Toios also come with a special optically-patterned mat which allows their visual sensors to navigate the play area, not unlike the Ozobot, though you can also take control of the robots' movements directly with one of a pair of controllers that plug into the console. There's no word yet on whether Sony will release additional cartridges or will allow users to program their own.

Custom oscilloscope console pays tribute to 'Star Fox' and 'Asteroids'


Throughout gaming's storied history, there's been some wild hardware like N-Gage, the Barcode Battler and, more recently, Nintendo Labo. But we haven't seen anything quite like the Ocelot Arcade System, a homebrew console that uses an oscilloscope as its display. The console can display 3D vector graphics in real time and deliver four-channel polyphonic sound through a built-in amplifier and speaker. Creator Mathew Carr has developed a few games for his system, including the Star Fox-influenced Star Lynx and Asteroids tribute Mattsteroids. Both feature original music and smooth wireframe visuals that accurately reflect the styles of their precursors.

A casual's guide to console gaming

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The Switch is different than the other consoles in that it's really two machines in one. The portable 7-inch touchscreen makes it into a full-on mobile gaming system in addition to a traditional console. The trickiest part of buying a Switch is actually finding any of them in stock. There's no "pro" version of the Switch, so $300 gets you a system in black or the more colorful red and blue.

One year in, the Switch might be my favorite Nintendo console ever


For a long time, I've felt like no piece of video game hardware could surpass the original Nintendo DS in my mind. It checked so many boxes for me. It was a device that had an absolutely incredible and eclectic library of games, from strange musical gems like Electroplankton and Elite Beat Agents, to some of the best iterations of iconic Nintendo series like Mario Kart, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing. Its dual screens and touch interface led to all new kinds of experiences, while at the same time its sleek design (starting with the DS Lite), made it the first piece of video game hardware I owned that didn't feel like a cheap toy. It matched my clickwheel iPod perfectly. For years I've kept some iteration of the handheld with me pretty much wherever I go.

Nintendo has launched their most important new gaming console in years

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Nintendo really wants people to know about its new console, and how to use it. The new Nintendo Switch game console will be released on March 3 for $299. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. Nintendo really wants people to know about its new console, and how to use it. The new Nintendo Switch game console will be released on March 3 for $299.