One of the largest AI platforms in healthcare is one you've never heard of, until now


For years, advocates have hyped Artificial Intelligence's (AI) potential to do for healthcare what it's doing for other industries – personalize recommendations, prioritize searches, and tag pictures. Investments have reflected the excitement, with the healthcare AI market expected to reach $6.6B by 2021. "People see smart computers all around them – Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Tesla's self-driving car – and they think healthcare should be the same. Obviously, healthcare is far more complex, requires much higher accuracy, and has less margin for error," said Dr. Michael Blum, Associate Vice Chancellor for Informatics, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), speaking on the topic ahead of last year's Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual conference. However, disparate efforts, different systems, massive amounts of data and layers of complexity have meant the industry remains largely unchanged.

Decoding Artificial Intelligence: What Does It Really Mean For Lawyers?


When you mention artificial intelligence (AI), plenty of images come to mind, thanks in large part to Hollywood depictions of the rise of the machines. While robots have yet to take over the world, many less threatening examples of AI have dominated our culture, from our everyday interactions with Siri or Alexa, to Google's self-driving car, or to Ken Jennings losing to Watson on Jeopardy!

Building emotionally aware cars on the path to full autonomy


Recent innovations around the autonomous car have shaken up the automotive industry. Manufacturers and their suppliers are all accelerating their work on the cars of the future, both regular human-operated cars as well as driverless or semi-autonomous vehicles. But beyond just issues of autonomy, these cars of the future are undergoing a fundamental shift in human-machine interaction. Consumers today crave more relational and conversational interactions with devices, as evidenced by the popularity of chatbots and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa – and the automotive industry has taken notice. As such, next-generation cars are emerging as advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems that will power an entirely new automotive experience in which cars will become conversational interfaces between the driver, passengers, the vehicle itself and its controls -- all connected to the IoT and mobile devices we use.

Apple Music finally comes to Amazon Alexa with new skill update

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Amazon has brought Apple Music to Alexa smart speakers for the first time in the UK. The feature was already available in the US but is slowly rolling out across the world. It means that people are no longer limited to only Amazon Music and Spotify as ways for Alexa to play music. Apple Music will work like those same services, allowing people to ask for a song or radio station and have it play from Apple Music. We'll tell you what's true.