'Astroneer' brings space exploration to Xbox and PC on February 6th


Space exploration game Astroneer has racked up a major following in its Early Access stage. After hinting at it, the game finally has an official release date. The title from System Era Softworks will be available for Xbox One and Windows 10 starting on February 6th, 2019. It will run you $29.99 at launch. If you aren't one of the two million players to take a crack at the early stages version of Astroneer, here's what to expect: The interplanetary survival sandbox game is a sort of mix of Minecraft and fellow space exploration game No Man's Sky.

The 'Astroneer' universe is set to expand in December


The team behind planetary exploration game Astroneer have been hinting at its 1.0 update for a while, and now it's confirmed -- December 2018. So fans of the Minecraft-esque space adventure won't have to wait too much longer to experience the new planets, vehicles and climate events -- plus loads of other features -- that the team has been teasing in its development roadmap. The announcement at E3 included details on post 1.0 content, too. The team is aiming to integrate complete crossplay via dedicated servers, so all players on all platforms (Xbox, Windows 10 and Steam) will be able to play together. And even though Astroneer is essentially a sandbox game, the team also working on goal oriented gameplay, based on player feedback.

Make your space fortune in 'Astroneer' on December 16th


If you felt a little let down by No Man's Sky, perhaps Astroneer can restore your faith in procedurally generated universes. System Era's space exploration game is finally nearing completion, and will be released on Steam Early Access, as well as Xbox One and Windows 10 Game Preview, on December 16th. The title actually has a lot in common with No Man's Sky, apart from the third-person viewpoint reminiscent of Lifeless Planet. You are an explorer out to make your fortune, but to do that you must hunt down the resources required to build vehicles, bases and conduct research needed first for survival, then for prosperity. Luckily, you have one invaluable tool at your disposal to conquer the many unforgiving and diverse worlds you'll find yourself on -- the ability to manipulate the terrain as you wish.

Buy a copy of 'Resident Evil 7' on Xbox One, get it free on PC


The latest game getting the Xbox Play Anywhere treatment is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. That's right, Capcom's upcoming horror jaunt will support cloud saves, and buying the digital Xbox One version will net you a gratis copy of the game on PC. While it isn't the first non-Microsoft produced game with the feature (indies Ark: Survival Evolved, Astroneer and We Happy Few will have it as well) it's certainly the highest profile occurrence thus far. Two scares for the price of one next week? If your heart stomach can handle it, sally forth.

Resident Evil 7 joins Microsoft's ambitious Play Anywhere program for PCs and Xbox One


Capcom's Resident Evil 7: Biohazard still has a little less than a week to go before release, but it's already proving to be a trailblazing game--at least on the technology side. It was one of the initial games named to the PlayStation VR catalog back in October, and now Microsoft says the anticipated horror game will be the first major third-party title to support Xbox Play Anywhere. Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently confirmed the news on Twitter. Gamers who just can't decide on the superiority of the console vs. PC can bounce between the two, taking their Resident Evil 7 game saves with them--as long as they buy the game from Microsoft, that is. Buying it for Xbox One will also unlock the game on PCs, and vice-versa.