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50 Best AI Retail Applications - Insider Trends


With that in mind, we've outlined 50 ways in which retailers are putting AI into action, from personalising beauty to forecasting demand. While the predominant function of Sephora's Virtual Artist app is to allow beauty buyers to try on products virtually via augmented reality, the brand recently introduced a colour match tool, powered by AI. This tool determines the particular shade of a product on a photo and suggests similar products available at Sephora that the consumer can then try on and purchase. If there's one sector where AI has been making a lot of noise, it's beauty. Olay's Skin Advisor is an online consultation platform that can tell the true age of a user's skin from a selfie. By using AI to both evaluate and determine problem areas, as well as the overall condition of the skin, it also provides personalised skincare routines and reports.

AI could become your personal shopper


More retailers are turning to artificial intelligence to help shoppers find clothes that fit their bodies, budgets, and personal styles. As one of today's hottest technology trends, AI translates vast volumes of retail data into rich, actionable insights so executives can make smart decisions faster. AI has evolved into a strategic asset in retail even as the sector faces overwhelming upheaval. AI guides retailers by delivering fact-based intelligence to help them better serve shoppers. This gives retailers a leg up in a market full of empowered consumers who expect omnichannel excellence, affordable fashions, and personalized marketing.

5 Technologies Transforming Retail in 2018


By December, more than 6,985 stores closed across the US, according to retail think-tank Fung Global Retail & Technology. It also beats the previous all-time high of 6,163 store closings that took place during the 2008 financial crisis, according to estimates by Credit Suisse.

The complete guide to AI in retail - Insider Trends


Well if sci-fi is about speculating what might be, then it could very well be right about AI (except hopefully for any terrible consequences). Because machines are getting super smart and that means big things for us all. Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence essentially refers to machines that can mimic thinking that we associate with humans. This includes the ability to learn from its experiences, to process large amounts of data to solve problems, make decisions or even predictions, and to understand and respond to natural language. It's already happening and Google's recent I/O 18 conference showed just how amazing some of the advances have been.

34 of the best AI Retail Applications right now - Insider Trends


Artificial intelligence or AI is changing retail in a number of ways. Using data to transform every aspect of retail from logistics to in-store customer experiences, AI at its best can enhance the most successful and enjoyable aspects of retail, and replace or improve those aspects that just aren't working. In this round-up, we cut through the clutter and give you an updated look at 34 of the very best examples of AI in retail right now. By combining AR and Livestreaming technologies, L'Oreal is enabling its customers to have a personalised makeup counter experience in the comfort of their own home. Customers can book a live-streaming appointment with a beauty assistant and have a digital makeup session. AR allows the customers to see what shade of lipstick works for them or whether they suit a dramatic eyeshadow. It is the same personalised experience that they would receive in store – and it's driven by data collection, with all aspects of each interaction captured to improve future engagements.