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New Google maps feature lets you save and share top places

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Does your mind go blank when a friend asks you for a recommendation in town? If so, you'll be glad to hear about Google's new feature which allows you to create lists of routes and places you've visited on the Google Maps app. Routes and places can be saved and shared on your phone with friends. Google's new feature allows you to save and share places you've visited - or want to visit - on your phone. This new feature means users can save things they've done in a more organised manner (stock photo) Find a place you've been wanting to try (eg restaurant, gym, cinema) and tap the place name.

Google Maps now lets you create and share lists of places


Sharing restaurant recommendations just got a whole lot easier. You can now make customized lists of places on Google Maps, the company announced in a blog post on Monday. The lists are shareable within the Google Maps app, and you can follow lists you're interested in -- to make sure you're always apprised of the best local pizza places, say. The feature was previously available only to Google's "Local Guides," and it's now being rolled out to all users. To create a list, just open a place on Google Maps.

Google Maps Lists Feature: How To Create And Share Your Favorite Places

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It will now be easier for you to remember and share your favorite spots. Google introduced a new feature that allows users to create and share lists of places with others, the company announced. The feature, which launched Monday on iOS and Android, allows users to create lists of locations, share lists with others and follow lists created by friends and family without leaving the Google Maps app. The new feature makes it easier for you to remember which restaurants you wanted to go to. With the new feature, you won't have to create tedious list with links and send it via email when your out-of-town friends ask you about your favorite places.

Want to learn and share more about local Black history? Start with Google Maps.


April Hamm knows Google Maps is more than just a tool to navigate from point A to B. She's harnessed the power of the app to teach people about Black history in her current city of New Orleans. Though she grew up in a small town in Georgia, Hamm spent a lot of time visiting New Orleans as a kid. Since 2017, Hamm's been a Google Maps Local Guide for her adopted city, a volunteer who helps others get acquainted with places on Google Maps via personally-crafted contributions like written reviews, photos, and fact-checking information. "Places that were part of my own community...and primarily run or visited by Black, Indigenous, [and] people of color were simply not on the map or didn't have a strong presence," says Hamm, who is Black. "Not a lot of people were writing reviews or maybe people didn't know about them [the businesses] to visit them in the first place."

Google supercharges saved places in Maps with customization and sharing


Over the past few months Google Maps has gone from great to really great. First we got in-app Uber hailing, then a parking availability feature that helped us plan ahead for places that don't have dedicated spaces. And finally last week Google tweaked the interface to help us get directions even quicker. But its newest feature may be the best one. Sort of a souped-up version of the Saved button, you can now create Yelp-style lists of your favorite places and restaurants, and easily organize them for future reference.