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Mathpix will solve handwritten math equations for you


Today is the first time in a decade that I actually wished I was back in school. Mathpix is an iOS app that can recognize and answer handwritten math equations in seconds. Open the app, point the camera toward your math problem (you'll need legible handwriting, or it won't work properly), and it'll give you the correct answer along with step-by-step directions to reach the solution. Mathpix even works with more complex equations that require graphs or charts. The app works by sending the equation to a server, so you'll need a connection to use it.

South Dakota Sisters Launch Handwritten Card Business

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All kidding aside, Leah Nixon of Rapid City and her sister, Grace Nixon Peterson, now living in Florida, indeed belong to the generation which can tap out a text faster with two thumbs than most can type with 10 fingers. But you're just as likely to catch them applying a postage stamp to an envelope with a handwritten letter or card and dropping it into a mailbox.

From Handwritten Notes to Classic Movies


In the Slate Plus bonus segment of Wednesday's edition of the Culture Gabfest, hosts Julia Turner and Dana Stevens are joined by You Must Remember This host Karina Longworth to field questions from the audience after their live show in Santa Monica, California.

Handwritten poem signed by Anne Frank to be auctioned

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The eight-line poem, half of which was copied from a Dutch book of verse, is dated March 28, 1942, shortly before Anne and her family went into hiding from the Netherlands' wartime Nazi occupiers in a secret apartment in an Amsterdam canal house.

Hailee Steinfeld on piercings, socks and handwritten notes

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The Hollywood actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld shares Four Things You Don't Know About Me, in the first edition of a new series.