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Q: Are Generous Unemployment Benefits Destroying the Economy? A: No, of Course Not.


Slate is making its coronavirus coverage free for all readers. Subscribe to support our journalism. One side effect of the generous unemployment benefits that Congress created in response to the coronavirus crisis is that some businesses seem to be having a bit of trouble rehiring the workers they laid off when everything first started going to hell. The government is currently paying people who have lost their jobs an extra $600 per week on top of whatever help they'd normally get from the state where they live. As a result, many Americans can now make more more money sitting at home than when they were actually working.

Can employers make you rely on Medicare and drop their insurance?

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If your employer pressures you to drop your workplace health insurance, what are your options? Phil Moeller answers that question and more in his weekly column, Ask Phil. Editor's Note: Journalist Philip Moeller is here to provide the answers you need on aging and retirement. His weekly column, "Ask Phil," aims to help older Americans and their families by answering their health care and financial questions. Phil is the author of the new book, "Get What's Yours for Medicare," and co-author of "Get What's Yours: The Revised Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security."

How selling a home may affect what you pay for Medicare

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Editor's Note: Journalist Philip Moeller, who writes widely on aging and retirement, is here to provide the answers you need in "Ask Phil." Send your questions to Phil. Lauren – Mass.: For the past three years my income has been 30,000. We have a small cottage that we want to sell. We bought it for 135,000, and we're selling for 230,000 with a capital gain of 20,000.

How to avoid Medicare enrollment panic

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Here's what you need to know about enrolling for Medicare. Editor's Note: Journalist Philip Moeller, who writes widely on health and retirement, is here to provide the Medicare answers you need in "Ask Phil, the Medicare Maven." Send your questions to Phil. I will get to as many questions as I can here, but please accept my apologies that I am not able to answer everyone's questions. Patricia – Va.: I have to file for Medicare before the end of this month.

Does Medicare make sense for seniors with employer health coverage?

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For people keeping their high-deductible employer plans, laying out $2,000 for Part B premiums and deductibles could well be money well spent. This is because Medicare can be a secondary insurer and can pay a big hunk of covered plan expenses before the plan's annual deductible is reached. I regularly receive questions from Ask Phil readers about whether Medicare can help pay these employer plan deductibles, and how this process works.