SafeRide tackles connected vehicle security with machine learning


As concerns over security risks for connected vehicles continue to build, automotive cybersecurity company SafeRide Technologies believes unsupervised machine learning will help keep threat actors out of the driver's seats. Earlier this month, SafeRide launched its vXRay technology for connected vehicles' security operations center (SOC), which uses unsupervised machine learning technology to provide behavioral profiling and anomaly detection to improve connected vehicle security. Gil Reiter, vice president of product management and marketing at SafeRide, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, said vXRay is available for OEMs and fleet managers to integrate in their vehicles' SOC. "The vXRay technology establishes the normal behavior of the vehicle without any dependencies or without any knowledge of the specific electronic control unit properties," Reiter said. "Once the behavioral baseline of the vehicle is established, the technology can accurately detect and then flag any abnormal behavior of the vehicle system and report the abnormal behavior to the connected vehicle's SOC for further analysis."

ThetaRay raises $30 million to grow its AI-powered cybersecurity business


ThetaRay, a big data analytics company based in Hod HaSharon, Israel, today announced that it raised more than $30 million in a funding round led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), GE, Bank Hapoalim, OurCrowd, SVB Investments, and others. That puts its fundraising total to date at about $60 million. "In this era when criminal activity and money laundering are increasing and becoming more sophisticated and also regulation is on the rise, there is a greater demand for our solutions," Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay, said in a statement. "As the amount of digital information grows, you just can't protect it without artificial intelligence systems. ThetaRay offers the most advanced and mature solutions to detect threats before they happen."

Global Big Data Conference


On March 31st the Her Future Summit powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem will take place virtually with 1000 digital delegates. This will be the largest virtual summit for women to date featuring digital stakeholders from over 60 countries. The Her Future Summit aims to identify, train, and empower the next generation of female pioneers. The summit also serves to teach fundamentals of future technology and the leading social impact applications of Artificial Intelligence, among other technologies. Her Future Summit was scheduled to take place in 7 global cities - DC, Silicon Valley, New York, Accra, Port-au-Prince, London, and Dubai - throughout the month of March.

Connected car security outfit Upstream Security snags $9m in funding


Upstream Security has secured $9 million in a Series A funding round and plans to use the investment to expand further in the US and Europe. On Wednesday, the company said in a statement that the funding round, led by Charles River Ventures (CRV), includes cash injections from Israeli-based Glilot Capital Partners and Maniv Mobility. The funding builds on a successful seed funding round in June which secured $2 million. Israel-based Upstream Security offers cloud-based security solutions for connected cars to automakers which need to outsource the security aspect of such technologies. The firm uses Big Data, analytics, and machine learning to provide non-intrusive defense against cyberattacks and to detect anomalies which may be malicious behavior.

eBay deepens focus on machine learning with Israeli analytics startup SalesPredict's acquisition The Tech Portal


With machine learning and AI being the hottest trend in tech, eBay is also bolstering its efforts with the acquisition of Israel-based advanced analytics startup SalesPredict. And its not just efforts-bolstering thats happening, this could well be eBay's attempt to become more like Amazon and automate processes within the company. SalesPredict is the second addition to the carousel of machine learning powered analytics startups acquired by eBay in the recent past. It follows in the footsteps of Expertmaker, another startup that specializes in providing intelligent solutions powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics. SalesPredict, in a similar manner, provides a software platform that monitors individuals' buying preferences and tries to predict consumer behavior for online shopping.