The 2 Worst Artificial Intelligence Stocks of 2016


Areas like virtual reality, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence matured from seemingly distant concepts into tangible products that will eventually upend the ways people live and work. Amid all of this excitement, shares of artificial intelligence companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook each outperformed the Nasdaq Composite benchmark in 2016. Not all AI stocks performed as swimmingly, though. And more importantly, what does this mean for each of these artificial intelligence stocks heading in 2017? Baidu is in the midst of conforming to new, tougher standards for its search results that the Chinese government mandated earlier this year after the death of a Chinese student sparked a national uproar surrounding shady online advertising practices among pseudo-healthcare companies.

Salesforce wants you to get some AI and visual search into your eCommerce game


Salesforce has announced a series of new updates to its Commerce Cloud platform which aims to encourage organisations to'go beyond eCommerce sites and modernise every shopping experience.' The move includes adding artificial intelligence and visual search capability into APIs and developer services with the goal of giving an insightful experience across various customer touchpoints. The company quoted research from Deloitte which argued that retailers use almost 40 disparate systems on average to manage customer engagement. This naturally includes the usual suspects of call centre, mobile, email and social. Yet the need to catch a potential sale on one channel may mean it all goes pear-shaped on another.



Today, Oath, the Verizon-owned company born of the merger between AOL and Yahoo, released the source code of a data-crunching tool called Vespa, which has long-powered search and other features across the Yahoo empire. Yahoo also uses Vespa to power related-article recommendations and ad-targeting on many Yahoo-branded sites, including Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and its advertising network. Don't Laugh: Yahoo's Open Source AI Has a Secret Weapon Vespa's history traces back to the Norwegian search engine AlltheWeb, which Yahoo acquired in 2004. By making Vespa open source, Oath VP of engineering for big data Peter Cnudde says the company hopes to replicate the benefits it has reaped from supporting Hadoop, an open-source software framework for managing big data.

How can we scrape eCommerce websites for Comparison engine?


From e-commerce sites crawling their competitors' or suppliers' prices, product descriptions and images to site specific data crawling done by price/product comparison sites and other e-commerce based web apps – we try to explore how online shopping sites exploit data crawling to their advantage. The challenge of running an e-commerce site is further amplified due to the vast number of SKUs that are involved. With millions of products, the associated content such as pricing information, product descriptions, images and reviews can easily go into hundreds of millions for some of the largest e-tailers. Though most sites predominantly use their own data, clicking their own images and filling out the other associated details in-house, some data is obtained by crawling data sites of product sellers or suppliers. Selling products at competitive prices all the time is a really crucial aspect of e-commerce.