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São Paulo City Drives Innovation Agenda

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As São Paulo struggles with a forecast budgetary deficit of 1,5 billion reais ($257 million), the largest metropolis in South America is pushing a "smart city" agenda to improve internal processes and deliver enhanced citizen services for less.

How intelligence and AI drives business innovation


AI will also invigorate new ways of thinking about skills and training, to ensure that workers are trained and prepared for the future, whilst at the same time ensuring there is sufficient talent available for new or evolved roles. Talent retention across the digital advertising industry is a challenge in itself already, but the impending pressure on talent attraction with the likes of Brexit, make this even more demanding. Whether London continues being a talent hub in Europe, or not, will depend in part on what governments decide about the ability to attract cross borders talent – but it will also depend on business's preparedness for the impending shift in talent demands as a result of AI's integration into the world of business.

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Human Innovation


I believe the three ways in which AI can enhance human innovation -- namely, creating space for innovation, generating novel patterns and democratizing creativity -- have the potential for real impact on the business world. However, a few qualifying words are due before we end the discussion. True human creativity and innovation are only possible when there is a solid basis to build on. Moreover, the more robust the substrate on which you build, the more ingenious the innovation will be. The more educated and trained a person is, the more they can create.

FarmingAhead - New Wa Data Science Innovation Hub To Help Drive Innovation In Agriculture


The WA Data Science Innovation Hub, to be based at Curtin University, will help drive innovation in a rapidly changing sector, according to Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry. "We know there is an emerging start-up ecosystem in Western Australia, with more than 8000 people already working in internet and digital technology companies," Professor Terry said. "It is critical that we ensure the digital disruption industry is working together to help grow the domestic economy and generate new jobs in this growing sector." Professor Terry said the hub would connect industry to universities, ensuring the transfer of knowledge across various sectors impacted by digital disruption including mining, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Innovation Drives Technology; the Future of Artificial Intelligence


What could possibly go wrong? Elon Musk's AI set to try and learn the art of human conversation ... Intel's secretive Knights Mill mega-chip will challenge GPUs for AI domination