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Amazon has the Fitbit Ionic on sale for more than $30 off


Calling all Fitbit fans: Select styles are on sale for up to $30 off. Well, we have even better news for you. Amazon has the Fitbit Ionic for cheaper than Fitbit's sale price. You can get the Ionic for $239 -- that's $30.95 off the original price and $10.95 lower than what you can get it for on Fitbit's official site right now. First and foremost, this is a Fitbit, so it's focused on fitness tracking.

Hands on with the Fitbit Versa, a smartwatch for everyone


When Fitbit launched its first "real" smartwatch, the Ionic, last fall, its target customer was clear. Between the many sensors, Fitbit Coach software, and (literally) edgy design, you could tell the Ionic was made for athletes -- or at least those who consider themselves to be one. There are plenty of people who want to get in better shape, but aren't so serious about it. One might even think they're Fitbit's primary demographic. Well, rest easy, Jane and Joe Average -- Fitbit has you covered with the Versa, a smartwatch meant for everyone.

Fitbit Ionic 2: what we want to see


The Fitbit Ionic isn't quite the all singing, all dancing mash-up of fitness tracker and smartwatch you might have been hoping for, as our 3.5-star review shows. It's not without its merits though, and there's a lot of potential for improvement, potential that we hope will be met in the likely Fitbit Ionic 2. We've already seen the second smartwatch from the company in the form of the Fitbit Versa, but that's a separate line of products so we're confident we will one day still see a Fitbit Ionic 2. With that in mind we've created a wish list of the things we want to see, but before that, here's what we've heard and suspect about the Fitbit Ionic 2 so far. We don't know for sure that there will even be a Fitbit Ionic 2, but Wareable reports that the company's CEO, James Park, has confirmed that it plans to launch a range of new smartwatches, and while the Fitbit Ionic 2 wasn't named it's likely to be among them. We've already seen the company introduce the Fitbit Versa this year, but it may be we see a new iteration of the Ionic later in 2018. Assuming there is a Fitbit Ionic 2 our only real guess at its launch date so far is potentially around a year after the original Fitbit Ionic, which mean a launch in or around September 2018.

Android quick replies on your Fitbit Ionic and Versa: How to get set up and customized


Fitbit's newest smartwatches just got a whole lot smarter. Rolling out to the Versa and Ionic beginning Monday is a new quick reply function for Android phones (sorry iOS users), and while limited, it dramatically increases the capability of both devices. Here's how to get it all set up on your watch. To get started, you'll need to update your Versa and Ionic to Fitbit OS version, which is rolling out to devices beginning Monday. To check to see if the update is available for your device yet, open the Fitbit app on your Android phone and click on the Versa or Ionic icon in the top right corner.

Looking for a Father's Day gift? Grab a Fitbit on sale.


In case you hadn't heard, Father's Day is coming up June 21. If you haven't gotten your dad or the other father figures in your life a gift, it's not time to panic yet -- you've still got time. Fitbit is running a sale that goes through June 20 where you can save up to $70 on select fitness trackers and smartwatches. A fitness tracker makes for a great gift for anyone trying to monitor their health better or who just likes to have their phone notifications conveniently on their wrist. While the Fitbit site is hosting the official sale, we're also seeing the trackers discounted by the same amount across multiple retailers.