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'Marvel Powers United VR' is still headed to Oculus this year


Last year Disney revealed that a Marvel VR game is on the way for Oculus headsets, and things have been fairly quiet since. Marvel Powers United VR will allow for four-player co-op as gamers take on the roles of various heroes in the Marvel universe like The Hulk, Captain Marvel, Deadpool or Loki. With Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 both currently in theaters it would seem like the perfect time for the title to release widely, but apparently not yet. UploadVR spoke to Oculus Studios EP Mike Doran who confirmed that the Sanzaru Games-developed project is still on deck for release later this year. Last year before the Thor movie came out developers revealed his character would be playable, but so far there's no word concerning whether Black Panther or Thanos are joining the action.

It's Time To Demystify Machine Learning


The hype machine is cranked up to an 11 on the topic of machine learning (sometimes called artificial intelligence, though I don't call it that because AI is not really intelligence and there's nothing artificial about it). Machine learning will either empower the world or take it over, depending on what you read. But before you get swept away by the gust of hot air coming from the technology industry, it's important to pause in order to put things into perspective. Maybe just explaining it in reasonable terms will help. Shortly after the first caveman figured out how to make fire, the second caveman wanted to learn how to make fire, too.

Marrying computer science, statistics and domain expertize


Another area where statistics can help - if you really like working with billions of features - is in identifying features with predictive power. I'm sure that most of the billion features used by Google have no predictive power, actually predictive power is never discussed in their article. Sometimes two features have no predictive power, but when combined together they do. For example country (US vs. UK) and time of day have far greater predictive power when combined together. Statistical science can help define predictive power, and assess when it is significant.

What to do if your Nintendo Switch suddenly won't turn on


Is your Nintendo Switch not turning on? It might just need a reset. In the week since we got Nintendo's new console here at Mashable, I've come across a handful of instances where the Switch just wouldn't turn on. Didn't matter if it was in tablet mode or TV mode -- press the power button, no response. SEE ALSO: Someone put the Nintendo Switch's battery to the test The fix turned out to be easy: it needed a hard reset.